Tuesday, September 07, 2004

The Empire Strikes Back...
from the mind of  Daredemo.

Looks like Big Media is going to strike back at Bush (there's already been rumblings in the last day or two). Rehashes of the "Bush didn't serve" and "Bush took drugs" themes apparently are going to get a lot of play... Drudge reports that the Boston Globe is going to declare that he didn't satisfy his Air Force Reserve requirements, and there'll be a 60 minutes interview with Ben Barnes, "the man who says he got George W. Bush into the National Guard". Then there's a book by Kitty Kelly out now that says Bush took cocaine at Camp David while H.W. was President... She's booked on the Today show, where the Swifties apparently have yet to be invited. Lets hope W. deals with these guys better than Kerry has the Swifties... I want to see Bush directly address the drug/alcohol issue -- I believe he did that in the last campaign. It could come out as a plus if done right.

There were reports the other day that Clinton had called Kerry from the hospital bed telling him to knock off the Vietnam act. Kerry apparently has also pulled in a bunch of Clinton campaigners (like Carville). He's evidently following their advice -- I saw a couple speeches by Kerry on CSPAN, instead of inserting "Vietnam" in every sentence he now tries to work in "W is for Wrong". (No, really I swear I saw a couple speeches where he DIDN'T mention Vietnam!) There was a bit of speculation on what F stands for on Hannity today, but he was too clean. Peggy Noonan was on the show (apparently she's responsible for the movie right before Bush's speech). At the suggestion that F stood for "flipper" she said that people ought to show up to Kerry rallies with inflatable dolphins and start up rounds of the "Flipper" TV theme music... Hannity also pointed out (as has Zogby and several other people today, though probably based on Zogby's $100 report) this really isn't a double digit race -- Hannity pointed out that in the "battleground" states the race is still low single digits (as in Bush by 1-2%), which is where things are important...

But on a good note, I saw a Bush Labor Day rally broadcast on CSPAN -- I think from Missouri -- that had a huge crowd. In the rain -- enough so that Bush's shoulders were obviously soaked. A caller into Hannity that apparently was there, said there were as many as 20,000 to 30,000 people at that rally, all excited to see Bush. Heard on the radio this morning (CBS news?) that there was a group of (anti Kerry) protesters at one of Kerry's rallies -- giving him a good round of heckling.

But sounds like this is media attack back week...


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