Monday, September 20, 2004

from the mind of  Duke.

As everyone else has already noted, Kerry has changed his position yet again on Iraq. This is hardly unprecedented, but even Kerry and his many, many advisors cannot be unaware of how yet another change in direction will look to the majority of voters who already see him as indecisive. So why did he do it? I think that he has belatedly come to the realization that he has to choose one side and stick with it, and the anti-war side is the one he has chosen. Another flip (or is it a flop?) was unavoidable if he was going to get there, but look for him to stick strongly with this message for the rest of the campaign.


Blogger Daredemo said...

Missed seeing Bush's UN speech at the today, but caught the "democratic response" -- though it was more like an anti-democratic response, claiming that we shouldn't have gone into Iraq, that we are in a quagmire that's getting worse every day... In some sense they are right, as long as Kerry and his minions continue to give comfort (yet again) to those fighting our soldiers, Iraq will get worse. Sound familiar? The Swifties or someone needs to pick up on this and show how when things get hard for the US, Kerry changes sides.

Osama believes an attack on the US in the next 6 weeks is most likely to provide him relief by removing Bush...

The insurgents in Iraq believe increasing attacks now will make Iraq look more like a quagmire and is most likely to provide themselves relief by removing Bush...

DPRK and Iran believe that by misbehaving more now its most likely to provide them relief by removing Bush...

And Kerry, true to form, allies himself with them.

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