Monday, September 06, 2004

Kids for Keaton
from the mind of  Duke.

Don't worry about the kids Zeke; they'll find their way. I spent my childhood being indoctrinated in liberal nonsense, and I seem to have emerged from it with my reason intact. They once convinced me that I hated Reagan. I got better.

The funny thing is, I think that somehow I always knew that I would turn out this way. Remember the show 'Family Ties'? It was a whole family of liberals, with a single conservative son, Alex P. Keaton (played by Michael J. Fox). As a kid, for reasons I didn't understand, I loved Alex, and wanted to be just like him. In fifth grade, I even took to carrying a briefcase to school like he did.

And yes, I too have been used as a political prop. On the two occasions when my father's union went on strike, I was brought along to carry a sign. Well, the first time it was actually just attached to my stroller. But it's made me think that you're right, it seems that liberals are an awful more likely to drag their kids along to this sort of thing. Of course, it may simply be that most demonstrating is done by liberals in the first place.

Speaking of dear old Dad, we played golf out at Tokatee yesterday. The weather was perfect, the golf less so. We talked politics briefly, and I was expecting to hear the usual excuses: "it's just a bounce, it won't last", "you can't trust polls", and so on. But he was unusually frank, grumbling "Kerry's in trouble." From what I've seen, this is a surprisingly common attitude. Watching news over the weekend, I get the sense that the Democrats are starting to act a little scared, and this is indeed could spell big trouble for them. Perhaps the Kerry campaign can get back on track, but if they don't, they'll find that fear is a contagious thing.


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