Thursday, September 09, 2004

from the mind of  Daredemo.

There are reports (link on Drudge) circulating now that some of the documents presented in Wednesday's 60 minutes program regarding Bush's reserve service possibly were forged. Apparently they were in a proportional font that would have been difficult to achieve with 70's era typewriters. A scan of the actual document apparently is here -- of special interest is the "th" superscript in #2. Look at it fast -- this is on the CBS webpage, so it may not exist for long... Also -- on the CBS story page linked above, there are several linked documents in the lower left margin (under "more information") -- all of them have this same font. Supposedly from both 1972 and 1973.

Looks like CBS may have stepped in it pretty big...

There will also be what sounds to be a fairly large demonstration in D.C. this weekend by "Vietnam Vets for Truth" -- not the Swifties, but a group of Vietnam veterans upset by Kerry's portrayal in the Brinkley (sp?) book. It will be interesting to see at what level press coverage will be. My bet is on next to none.


Blogger Evan said...

Powerline has great coverage of this. If this is true, which I firmly believe that it is... It sets a new low for 'journalism'... If it is true, every journalist should denounce CBS, John Kerry should denounce CBS, and we should all promise to never watch any CBS channel again. We should figure out who the advertising companies are on CBS and flood them with complaints.

This is sick. Really sick.

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