Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Where's Kerry?
from the mind of  Duke.

I get most of my news through Yahoo News - Associated Press. It's the most objective source I've been able to find. Here is a list of the current front page stories:
  • Evacuees Flee New Orleans Ahead of Ivan
  • Insurgents Target Iraqi Police; 59 Dead
  • Bush Making Gains in Battleground States
  • Panel Urges Child Antidepressants Warning
  • Reports Fuel Doubts on CBS Bush Story
  • Senate OKs $36B for Domestic Security
  • CIA Nominee Promises to Shed Partisanship
  • Oracle's Earnings Just Top Expectations
  • Turkey Backs Off Plan to Outlaw Adultery
  • Bonds Stays at 699 As Giants Beat Brewers
  • Senate Wants Intel Chief With Budget Say
  • Marketing Execs Eye 'Oprah' Giveaway
  • Devil Rays Cool Off Red Sox 5-2
  • Bonds Getting His Shot at 700 in Milwaukee
  • U.S. and Europe Differ on Iran Strategy
  • Rangers, A's Dispute Cause of Brawl
  • Gambling Linked to Good Health in Elderly
  • L.A., Washington Hotel Workers Strike
  • Foxx Does Ray, Spacey Does Bobby
  • Bush Says He's Proud of Guard Service
Something should be immediately obvious - Kerry is not mentioned in a single one of the headlines. As someone who tries to be objective, I find this completely astonishing. As a Republican, I find it worthy of celebration.

If Kerry is to have any hope of winning the rapidly approaching election, it is essential that he somehow be able to regain the initiative. He can fight dirty or play it clean. He can talk about the future or dwell on the past. He can focus on Iraq or on the economy. But all of these decisions are secondary to getting out there and saying something, and having that something be heard.

In any competitive endeavor, be it warfare, business, politics, sports, whatever, the winner is almost invariably the side who is able to take the offensive and hold on to it. You must make the enemy react to you, rather than you to him. You don't even have to to land every blow, but simply make sure that the opponent is so busy parrying your attacks that he is unable to throw any of his own. An opponent who is unwilling or unable to go on the offensive will eventually be beaten.

This is the point Kerry is at, and if he can't even get top billing in the headlines over Oprah and Barry Bonds, his chances are fading fast.


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