Monday, September 13, 2004

Zell on Opinionjournal
from the mind of  Daredemo.

Zell Miller has a piece on opinionjournal today defending his convention speech. It starts out:

My critics in the national media are working overtime trying to paint me as an angry nut who got the facts all wrong in my speech to the Republican National Convention. Since there's not enough time to challenge all of these critics to a duel, let me set the record straight here and now.

And gets better!

John Fund also dips his toes in on the CBS forged memo... Its more or less a summary...

Stanley Kurtz also has a good article on NRO. Basically saying since those of us to the right of center stopped taking the networks seriously a long time ago, they've been shifting further to the left. What goes unsaid here is that those on the left apparently are unconcerned that their news is based on easily provable falshoods. Of course we've seen it all over in college newspapers and paphleteering by nutty professors, but its still a bit surprising to see it so mainstream...

Guess those on the left are so used to reading stuff like this, that its now the prototype they seek to emulate...


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