Sunday, October 17, 2004

The new Jehovah's Witnesses...
from the mind of  Daredemo.

When I got home friday evening I found somebody had hung a long strip of paper on my door emblazened with "Vote Early". On the other side was a 3 point list with a URL. The list I thought was interesting:

1. If you VOTE EARLY, the progressive coalition will put you on the "DO NOT CALL LIST" and you should not be bothered with any more calls during the final 2 weeks of the election!

2. Since you already know how you are going to vote, it is easiest and most convenient to get it out of the way and VOTE EARLY!

3. By mailing your ballot early, you can make sure your vote will get there on time and be counted!

That's right -- don't think about it! Vote quick! Then followed a few paragraphs of (paraphrasing) "well we don't endorse a particular candidate, but since you can tell the world is about to end, there's wars everywhere, everyone's lost their job, its probably time for a change isn't it?"

My first reaction was: hmm -- polls last week had Kedwards as high as they ever have been -- wonder if this means they're worried something will change that... BTW, it should be noted that these folks, it appears, only visit voters registered Democrat or independent.

But anyway, I then came back to something I was thinking about after watching the edwards of Kedwards use the "they see it on their television every single day" argument in his debate with Cheney, to try to show that things were going terribly in Iraq. The Left really remind me of Jehovah's Witnesses. The arguments they use, and now it appears methods, are almost identical.

One of the more misspent periods of my misspent youth involved attempting to convert a Jehovah's Witness that showed up at my door, to something resembling sanity. One day an older gentleman in a very stiff looking polyester suit and slightly too small looking hat knocked on my door with a tall teenish looking young man silently standing behind him. After some usual "howareyoudoingisn'ttheweathernicetoday..." sort of pleasantries he began to look very concerned: "aren't all the wars we see everywhere on TV nowadays terrible? It wasn't always like this..." I shrugged & said that we also didn't always have 24 hour news networks to tell us about all the wars everywhere. Young man's brows furrowed a bit, but he remained silent. Mr Polyester: "And all these terrible new diseases -- all the cancer..." I said we probably die of all these terrible new diseases now because we've figured out how to cure the old more terrible diseases that would have killed us sooner. The young man stayed quiet, but looked a bit worried. The next week the older gentleman returned, alone, and thus followed several weekly meetings culminating in my handing over a thick folder of checked references from one of their books, with originals photocopied and misquotes highlighted. Never saw him again.

It seems to me the Left and Jehovah's Witnesses target the same people -- the soft minded. If you didn't think about whats said too deeply -- hey yeah, there really are a lot of wars everywhere, and come to think of it all you hear about nowadays is stuff like cancer! You say if I were go join up everything will be OK? I'll be saved from impending doom? Yumpin Yiminy! Gimme some o' them holy skivvies and a blue suit! Click yer heels & call the Watchtower -- I'm signin up!

By the same token the Left whine insessantly, and now canvas door to door, about how the world is such a scary place, that America is evil-- don't you feel ashamed?! Europe is. People are losing their jobs everywhere! Your grandma will be left out in the street! But hey, join us and it will all be OK. We'll make it better, we have a plan! And the sick will stand up from their wheelchairs and walk again! Come. Join us. Here. We have some special patchouli scented longjohns for you.


Blogger Duke said...

Not that they will ever be prosecuted for it, but the "vote or we won't stop bothering you" bit is an obvious case of extortion. Cute.

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