Wednesday, November 03, 2004

A few random election thoughts
from the mind of  Duke.

I'm still exhausted from too little sleep last night, and a hectic day at work, so forgive me for just posting a few disjointed thoughts, instead of something more coherent.

Watched the election with my democratic parents last night. It was a real hoot. I don't think dad said anything at all after about eight o'clock. I didn't even have to gloat. The dogs seemed pretty happy though; them's republican pooches.

Lots of liberals are trying to convince us that the margin of victory is too small for Republicans to claim a mandate. If that were all that had happened, they might have a point. But not only did Bush convincingly win the presidency, but we picked up seats in both the house and senate, and deposed the minority leader. This is more than I had even dared to hope for. I call mandate.

There is a great thread on LGF documenting moonbat hysterics.

Now I'm anxiously waiting for the left to begin tearing itself apart in the process of trying to place the blame. I suspect it's going to get extremely bloody. But in the end, I do hope that a stronger, more rational democratic party emerges. While I do of course hope that the democrats remain in the minority, having a legitimate, credible opposition is requisite for a healty political system. I see no way for the democrats to accomplish this without shedding the looney left. It remains to be seen if they can accomplish this.

Even when the polls (like this one) seemed worrying, I always thought that things would go our way. Why? People voting for Bush were voting for him largely because they liked him. People voting for Kerry were voting for him almost exclusively because he was simply not Bush, rather than because they liked Kerry. I think it's a fundamental part of human nature that people are going to be more willing to go out and try to make a difference in support of something, instead of against it. Even with high voter turnout, there is always some percentage of the electorate who intend to vote, but are too busy, forget, or just can't do so for some other reason. This group will be primarily composed of those who are not fighting for something. Which is why a state like Florida can seem to be a dead heat, but turn into a runaway victory on election day.

As usual, a picture is worth 10^3 words.

Now I'm off to call my grandfather. We had a friendly $10 bet on the outcome of the election, and it's time to call it in.


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