Wednesday, November 10, 2004

He Really Really Really is Dead This Time...
from the mind of  Daredemo.

Looks like Arafat ran out of parts they could say were alive. All the news channels now are looping various tributes to Arafat. This leads me to observe two things:

  1. Independent of all the terrible things Arafat has done, honestly, he really is an ugly bastard. No, really, I am hard pressed to think of a more repulsive looking individual. I am going to eat some dessert after posting this, and will be changing the channel. I just don't want to see that while I'm eating.

  2. I realize its taken a long time for all of his bodily functions to cease, but really how long is the event of someone's death "breaking news"? Its been at least two hours now and several of the cable news channels still have the "breaking news" banner. Unless he is still in the process of dying, (a few scenes from various Loony Tunes cartoons come to mind) I would think it should now just be "news".

That's all -- hopefully they'll get that buzzard planted and somebody will be able to finally make some progress over there...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice post... You gave this 'Liberal Weenie' a good laugh. You gotta feel for the cable news networks. They have to fill 24 hours every day with content and pretend like its all important.

All I could think of when I read this was the movie 'Top Secret'

"Tell me if his condition changes..."
{hangs up the phone}
"He's dead."

4:46 AM  

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