Wednesday, November 10, 2004

A month or so before the election, my grandfather and I made a ten dollar wager on the outcome. So I was feeling pretty good the other day when a letter from him arrived in the mail. First my guy wins the election, now I'm being rewarded for my clairvoyance. This week just keeps getting better!

Inside the envelope was the money, but along with it was a note:

To: Dave Caley
From: "Gramps"
Re: Election Payoff

2 Lincolns
Wed, Nov 4, 2004

Leyte, PI
Nov 5, 1944 (60 years ago)
Took a bullet

That was two days before FDR would win his fourth term in office. My grandfather was not yet old enough to vote. But his sacrifice ensured that sixty years later his grandson would have the right to do so.

It's nice to get a good dose of humility every so often.


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