Friday, November 19, 2004

More evidence of a DPRK power struggle?
from the mind of  Daredemo.

After following and scrolling down a bit from the link in today's BOTW we see an interesting piece in today's edition of the KCNA's webpage:

Songun Politics to Be Continued in DPRK

Pyongyang, November 18 (KCNA) -- It is the unshakable will of leader Kim Jong Il to defend and accomplish the Korean revolution, started with arms, relying on the armed forces. True to the behests of President Kim Il Sung, he carried forward the leadership based on Songun politics with an inspection of an army unit ten years ago.

When the Korean people were overwhelmed by grief after the President passed away, Kim Jong Il issued an order of the supreme commander of the Korean People's Army on building Chongryu Bridge (second stage) and Kumnung Tunnel No. 2, the first order to implement the President's behests. When inspecting the construction site of the Nyongwon Power Station, he told officials that the behests of the President should be implemented without fail.

He has continued his Songun-based leadership, saying that he should go anywhere, if it is for the implementation of the President's behests, and that doing so is his unswerving will and invariable creed as he took over the chairmanship of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK and the supreme commandership from the President.

Through his uninterrupted inspection of army units he has strengthened the army to be a strong revolutionary army defending the leader at the cost of their lives and an invincible army no enemy can match.

Signal successes have been registered in science and the economy, too.

Typical of them are the launch of artificial satellite Kwangmyongsong No.1, completion of Juche-oriented iron-making methods, successful cloning, construction of the Anbyon Youth Power Station, Youth Hero Highway and Pyongyang-Hyangsan Tourist Motorway, modern chicken farms and fish farms and standardization of co-op fields.

Doesn't this look like some kind of campaign op-ed? It should be noted that DPRK's propaganda dept. is run by KJI's son, who is also the current heir to the throne. Could somebody be trying to make the case that his Dad should keep his head? BTW, I just noticed the last bit here about their claim they've launched a satellite... Googling around finds a lot of DPRK propaganda, a CNN article, and a much better summary on Ah -- so this was probably that infamous missile launch that dropped hardware in northern Japan 1998...


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