Sunday, November 07, 2004

Thoughts on the Election
from the mind of  ME=mc^2.

At one point late on election night, mostly out of curiosity, I switched the channel over to CBS to see how they were calling the election. Naturally the first thing I saw was Dan Rather sitting at the CBS "Decision Desk." During the campaign, Dan Rather had been less than objective: There was Dan trying to peddle obviously fabricated documents regarding Bush's National Guard service, or Dan attempting to coordinate the breaking of bombgate on the Sunday before the election. Here was a forlorn and aging leftist media elite, and at that point on election night, he really looked his age.

I was already feeling great on election night: FOX and NBC had called Ohio for Bush, while ABC and the Wall Street Journal had called Nevada for Bush. New Mexico and Iowa were also looking very favorable for the president. And then the exhausted and dejected mug of Dan Rather appeared on my TV screen looking obviously inconsolable over the impending defeat of John Kerry and incoherently descending into obscure Texan tropes, and all of a sudden, I felt EVEN BETTER.

I have some advice for the Democratic party after this rout by the Republicans:

Avoid lawyers and limousine liberals.

Quit assuming that all the gun-owning, church-going, SUV-driving, MacDonalds-eating, FOX News-watching masses in fly-over America are fat, lazy, stupid, intolerant, racist, homophobic, shortsighted, heartless, fanatically religious redneck hicks. They're not. Most of them are well educated, hard working, tolerant, and compassionate just like you are. This sort of condescension doesn't endear you to voters. This sort of condescension doesn't endear you to voters.

Don't try to rewrite history for political gain. The "Bush lied" mantra didn't resonate outside of the parlors of the far left. We all remember Saddam's use of poison gas during the Iran-Iraq war, Halabja, fears of poison gas warheads landing on Tel Aviv during the first Gulf War, seven years of UNSCOM, the still unknown source of the anthrax in the mail, and Hans Blix's testimony to the UN before the war stating that Iraq had once again failed to comply with Resolution 1441 and the 16 prior UN resolutions. And we all remember the various statements before the war by Democrats from Tom Daschle to John Kerry to John Edwards to the whole lot of them who all said Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. Of course it is more fun to create rather than recall facts, but such obvious rewrites of recent history only damage your credibility and show you to be dishonest and politically opportunistic.

"Know your enemy" is a well known maxim: Get to know some Republicans, listen to them, expose yourself to some of their conservative ideas, and engage them honestly. Thanks to the liberal bias in the main-stream media, the leftist proclivities of Hollywood, and the liberals' monolithic lock on education at all levels from kindergarden to graduate school, it is hard for Republicans to avoid being constantly exposed to Democatic ideas. By comparison, many Democrats are able to stay safely ensconced in their intellectual cocoons. This is why -- as this election demonstrated -- the Democrats are loosing the war of ideas and loosing it badly, for in unanimity, you usually find a lack of rigorous thinking.


Blogger Zeke_Wilkins said...

ME=MC^2, you beat me to it. I've been working on a letter/post for Democrats, listing what went wrong for them. I'll post it soon, but here is a very condensed version I sent in to the local newspaper:

Contrary to assertions otherwise, Tuesday's election results are a mandate for President Bush and the GOP. For decades it has been an axiom of politics that large voter turnout favors Democrats. Like felons, illegal aliens, and the deceased; first-time voters tend to vote Democrat. Despite the large turnout, President Bush garnered the largest number of popular votes cast for President in U.S. history, and managed a higher popular-vote percentage than any Democratic presidential candidate in the last 40 years. In addition to holding the White House, the GOP added four Senate seats, and at least four seats in the House.

Here is a thoughtful observation for you Democrats: your party has been hijacked by a network of fringe groups with radical ideas. It was once noble to be a Democrat, but you have lost your moral clarity. You rightly mourn the death of Iraqi children, but are silent when it comes to championing the rights of fetal life. You talk of equality and tolerance, but cannot bear to call the liberation of 50 million Arabs in Afghanistan and Iraq a moral victory. You work to cure diseases, but do so with a "cure at all costs" mentality that trades human life for the mere possibility for a cure. Sadly you have become what true liberals hate: the final arbiters of the worth of human life. As long as you continue to hold these discordant views, you will fail to have moral credibility in the eyes of many voters.

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