Friday, January 21, 2005

"US out of the Middle East..."
from the mind of  Daredemo.

I had CSPAN streaming in the background yesterday as the festivities unfolded at the Inauguration. Around lunchtime the President's motorcade, on its way back to the parade viewing stand, quickly passed through a crowd of protesters. CSPAN's cameras of course were there, recording all the silliness. They went through various chants, accusations... They excitedly declared that the president in the process of appointing the first African American woman as secretary of state (not his former opponent who had just voted against her) was against civil rights. As the car went by, one woman remembered that they were supposed to turn their backs to him, and did so while those behind her craned their necks, peering into the limousine with expectant "is he really in there?" looks on their faces. Finally they broke into what seemed to me to be a fittingly honest chant:
US out of the Middle East!
No Justice!
No Peace!
US out of the Middle East...
Exactly -- if we left it is guaranteed there would be no justice or peace. Maybe they're starting to learn.

I got hungry, put down the earphones & went in search for lunch. At the EMU a group was staging an anti Inauguration protest. Without a campus security or police officer, without a brown shirt save those worn by his enthralled audience in sight, a professor was freely giving a speech, claiming repression on par with 1930's era Germany, Italy, and several other fascist regimes (just realized the Soviet Union, China, North Korea, Cambodia, Iran, Saddam's Iraq, Saudi Arabia... None of these guys made his list. He probably hasn't gotten to that chapter yet.)

I reached the UO bookstore. A dog had just crapped on the sidewalk next to the UO's pet parasite "Frog". He was giggling loudly, pointing at the offending pile, chanting: "dog shit! dog shit!". Somehow it fit.


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