Monday, November 21, 2005

Questions not Asked
from the mind of  ME=mc^2.

Saddam had weapons of mass destruction in the past -- used them in a regional war and against his own people -- and UNSCOM was still finding them when they were kicked out of the country in the fall of 1998. After his defeat in the Gulf War, UN inspectors found Saddam Hussein had deployed missiles and artillery shells loaded with anthrax, milled to military grade, and its electrostatic charges eliminated using bentonite.

The Czech interior minister confirmed that Mohamed Atta met with a ranking Iraqi spy Ahmed Khalil Ibrahim Samir al-Ani -- nominally an Iraqi diplomat in Prague -- on his route to the United States in April of 2001.

A Fort Lauderdale doctor, during the summer of 2001, treated a leg lesion on a patient who would become one of the September 11 hijackers. Later that fall, the doctor concluded the injury was consistent with cutaneous anthrax; experts from the Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Strategies concurred.

The anthrax in the mail turned out to be weapons-grade, finely ground, and with electrostatic charges eliminated using bentonite.

Question 1: If Saddam Hussein actually did get rid of all his weapons of mass destruction, why didn't he simply come clean, allow the UN inspectors in unfettered, and thereby remain the unquestioned strongman of Iraq?

Question 2: What became of that portion of Saddam's weapons of mass destruction arsenal which UNSCOM was unable to account for?

Question 3: Where did the anthrax in the mail come from?

Question 4: Why was Mohammad Atta shopping around for a crop duster the summer before 9/11?


Blogger BlackCatAlfa said...

Saddam has control issues. If he gave it up, he would lose his control over what he perceived to be as "knowledge".
That and the traveling "biologicals"..remember those in the fist days of the afghanistan war?

12:06 AM  

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