Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Election Year in the State of Washington
from the mind of  Duke.

I don't post about local politics nearly enough, so here's one.

Maria Cantwell has started running her first television ads for her Senate reelection bid. It's here if you really want to look at it. But I already watched it so you don't have to!

There are three main points in the ad. So what are they? Foreign policy? Economic strategy for the State of Washington? Initiatives for her next term?

Ha ha, of course not. She talks about how she has opposed Bush, opposed Enron, and opposed those horrible energy companies in general. Wow, that's a seriously compelling platform!

So Maria, if I were to vote for you, what would you actually DO? Besides oppose things, I mean.

Okay, I told myself that I wasn't going to waste time on her site, but I couldn't help but click on National Security. There's some funny stuff there.

Under "Fighting Terrorism":

"Because we face the ongoing threat of terrorism at home and abroad, Maria has fought for increased funding and new technology to keep Americans safe and strengthen our aviation security. Maria has called for increased international cooperation to bring terrorists to justice. And she is pushing for legislation to stop terrorists from using identity theft to enter our country."

"Strengthen aviation security", "International Cooperation", "Legislation"? All of which is to day, more defensive measures. So where exactly is the "fighting" in "fighting terrorism"? Her platform is fighting in the same way that wearing a bulletproof vest is fighting. Which is to say, it isn't. Ooh, more legislation? That'll show Al-Qaeda!

The next two points are "Bringing Our Troops Home" and "Providing Our Troops with the Resources They Need". Hey Maria, I'm confused, why do our troops need more resources if they're just going to be at home?

Finally we have "Ending Violence in Darfur". How does she propose to accomplish this? Simple: "Maria believes that we must rise to this challenge and continue to push for peace in Darfur." Ah! Push for peace! Why didn't I think for that? I'm sure those pesky genocidal Muslim warlords will come around when they see how many troops we have sittin' around at home!


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