Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Not a fan of Wikipedia today
from the mind of  Duke.

Sometimes I think that Wikipedia's critics can be too harsh. Sometimes I don't. I came across the following entry for the song "Behind Blue Eyes", by The Who. It may be changed by the time you read this, so I'll reproduce the relevant passage here:
Still, the song speaks to the guilt of Europeans stemming from their subjugation of the native peoples in whatever continent they happened to wander into. The title of the song actually begs to speak for the Aryan race and laments the fact that the person behind "blue eyes" is "hated" and "fated to telling only lies" which is a true representation of how the English empire was regarded in the 19th and 20th centuries.

The French poet Henry Rimbaud often wrote of belonging to a sickly race of which he was not proud. This theme of self-loathing is fairly common in poetry and Townshend makes good use of it in this song. He should be applauded for taking such a courageous stance in speaking frankly regarding the unabashed sense of entitlement in the treatment of native peoples. While subjugating native peoples the Europeans still demanded to be catered to, as in the line "...and if I shiver / give me a blanket / keep me warm / let me wear your coat."
If you are curious, here are the lyrics. Think our contributor got a little carried away?

Of course, one of the things that is nice about Wikipedia is the ability to track updates. So looking here, one can see the change history. For the passage quoted above, I see an annotation by the author, "I added an interpretation of the song which speaks across cultures."

Ah, an interpretation. However, in the article it seems to be presented as fact. But isn't that always the message one hears the hyper-multicultural left? "My interpretation is more important than your silly facts."

I'm sure Ward Churchill would approve.


Blogger Michael said...

Wiki seems to be a propaganda tool. I've checked it out, and I honestly think it's as worthless as the Digg website. The pack wolves with too much time on their hands control them. You have to update your Blog, I don't see anything newer than March.

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