Sunday, September 05, 2004

Kids for Kerry?
from the mind of  Zeke_Wilkins.

As has already been commented upon, Bush seems to have received a healthy post-RNC bounce; and the Kerry folks are running scared. Drudge reports that Bill Clinton is counseling Kerry from his sickbed, advising Kerry to drop the mention of Vietnam. Ah, if every progressive would take that advice! There is talk of a restructuring of Kerry's campaign team, and leftists everywhere are noticing that sinking feeling in their stomachs.

One of the more entertaining outworkings of this post-convention anxiety (albeit a local one) was that Saturday morning I found all the major intersections in my town manned by Kerry groupies with signs. In most cities this would be considered par for the course, but my town is slightly more conservative and I was genuinely surprised. I have to admit it was entertaining for me, when stopped at a red light, to chant "four more years!" or "flip-flop!" from my car window.

However, I did make one observation that I found unsettling: half of the sign holders were not yet of voting age. In fact most of those who weren't of voting age weren't even close. Is this what progressives have come to? Using their own children as political props? I don't know of any conservative that would stoop to using their children to hold Bush signs. That's not to say it doesn't happen; just that it happens with frightening regularity by progressives. These are children who have neither the information nor the wisdom to make an educated choice. The only thing these kids know about the candidates is what they learn from their parents (which is itself a scary thought).

I believe the predilection for progressives to use children to campaign is due to the fact that many don't have rational reasons for choosing a candidate to begin with. To many progressives it is enough to simply display an emotional response, or show a child holding a sign, to get their point across. This can also be evidenced by the one or two word answers they give on why they like Kerry and dislike Bush: "the environment", "Halliburton", "Iraq", "education" and "the economy". One word answers cover a lot of ground and most progressives don't want to talk details and will respond angrily if pressed for specifics.

Having kids hold signs for Kerry might work on adults who believe twelve-year-olds know enough to help choose a president, but it will not work on those of us who take the government of our republic seriously.


Blogger ME=mc^2 said...

I think we are witnessing the slow, painful implosion of a major political party. They are loosing the war of ideas and loosing it badly. Their candidate has pinned his entire campaign on four months of military service 35 years ago. Conspicuously absent from their campaign is Mr. Kerry's record in the senate for the last 20 years. And on those rare occasions when Mr. Kerry does talk about something besides Vietnam, it is usually just vague promises to create affordable healthcare for everyone, persuade the UN to rescue us from Iraq, or invent perpetual motion. It is the sort of stuff that appeals to the six-year-olds whose parents have dragged them out on a weekend to stand on a street corner holding a "Kerry/Edwards" sign. But they are unserious solutions for weighty problems in dangerous times, and the adults really ought to know better.

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