Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Not a fan of Wikipedia today
from the mind of  Duke.

Sometimes I think that Wikipedia's critics can be too harsh. Sometimes I don't. I came across the following entry for the song "Behind Blue Eyes", by The Who. It may be changed by the time you read this, so I'll reproduce the relevant passage here:
Still, the song speaks to the guilt of Europeans stemming from their subjugation of the native peoples in whatever continent they happened to wander into. The title of the song actually begs to speak for the Aryan race and laments the fact that the person behind "blue eyes" is "hated" and "fated to telling only lies" which is a true representation of how the English empire was regarded in the 19th and 20th centuries.

The French poet Henry Rimbaud often wrote of belonging to a sickly race of which he was not proud. This theme of self-loathing is fairly common in poetry and Townshend makes good use of it in this song. He should be applauded for taking such a courageous stance in speaking frankly regarding the unabashed sense of entitlement in the treatment of native peoples. While subjugating native peoples the Europeans still demanded to be catered to, as in the line "...and if I shiver / give me a blanket / keep me warm / let me wear your coat."
If you are curious, here are the lyrics. Think our contributor got a little carried away?

Of course, one of the things that is nice about Wikipedia is the ability to track updates. So looking here, one can see the change history. For the passage quoted above, I see an annotation by the author, "I added an interpretation of the song which speaks across cultures."

Ah, an interpretation. However, in the article it seems to be presented as fact. But isn't that always the message one hears the hyper-multicultural left? "My interpretation is more important than your silly facts."

I'm sure Ward Churchill would approve.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

"Hot Economy"
from the mind of  Duke.

Several days ago I received in the mail a newsletter from the senator of my district Jeanne Kohl-Welles (D). A few interesting tidbits were found within:

"Thanks to a strong economy and smart budgeting choices during the past two years, we legislators face a rare budget reserve rather than the daunting deficits that were so painfully common following September 11."

And further down:

"We have nearly $2 billion in unexpected, unbudgeted revenue. But we also know that the hot economy behind that reserve is cooling."

So we have an economy that is not only "strong", but "hot"? Am I the only one who cannot recall any democrat ever praising the economy while republicans controlled congress? But with democrats now in the majority, suddenly it seems this is finally okay to talk about. How very interesting.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election Results
from the mind of  Cowgirl Up.

As I'm sure you've noticed, last night the Republicans lost control of the House of Representatives to the Democrats. Now we can all look forward to a few years of San Francisco liberal Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House.

I would be willing to bet that most voters outside of California have no clue just how twisted this woman really is. Like it or not she will now be the poster girl for the Democrats, enabling the rest of America to experience first-hand what we California conservatives already know. I'm hoping it will be a wake-up call, but maybe the American voter really does want people like Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean and Hillary Clinton at the helm...

Unfamiliar with California and San FranFreakshow's politics? Two examples from yesterday's election:

1) San Franciscan voters passed Proposition J, officially adopting a policy calling for the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. (When this proposition was authored and put on the ballot, many conservatives got a chuckle out of the fact that should such a wish ever come true, it pretty much translates as a vote for President Hastert. Now, I suspect the San Francisco Leftists take heart knowing their girl will be taking his seat. Democratic Underground must be sizzling at this very moment with rabid moonbats foaming at the mouth in anticipation of impeachment proceedings.)

2) By over 60%, San Franciscans passed Proposition F, requiring all employers in San Francisco to provide their employees paid sick leave.

And you might recall that in November 2005, San Francisco sought and passed a complete ban on handguns. This was later overturned by the courts, but it is indicative of the mentality this city breeds.

In the State of California, voters rejected Proposition 85, which called for the notification of a minor girl's parents before she gets an abortion. Let's get this straight. It's not preventing a minor girl from getting an abortion, has a protection clause for those at risk of parental abuse, yet California defeats it. Hypocrisy at it's height: minors in California need parental consent for just about everything from getting their ears pierced to whether or not they can take an aspirin at school; but should a pregnant 14-year-old need an abortion, why, it must be her right as a woman.

As I write this, I hear there is yet hope for the Senate. Virginia Senator George Allen's race is too close to call so keep an eye on that one.

Maybe the Republicans will hold the Senate. And maybe, just maybe, the next two years President Bush will disover his Veto pen...

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Saddam Hussein Sentenced to Death by Hanging
from the mind of  Cowgirl Up.

About damn time, too.

Fox News reports on it here.

Monday, October 30, 2006

"Did They Go Out and Kill and Rape and Sodomize Some Children...?"
from the mind of  Cowgirl Up.

Meet Cindy Sheehan's Supporters

Melanie Morgan of Move America Forward and talk show host for KSFO in San Francisco has been on a book tour for her recently published American Mourning, in which "Peace" mom Cindy Sheehan is scrutinized. As Morgan and Sheehan hail from the same region, Morgan has been very thorough when it comes to chronicling the antics of Sheehan and her ilk.

In an e-mail update from October 27th, Morgan details:

Last night Cindy Sheehan brought her anti-war "Peace Mom" book tour to Fresno, California.

Outside of Cindy's appearance stood a group of pro-troop supporters, fully decked out in red, white & blue and carrying "Support Our Troops" signs. One of them was Robin Butterfield who lost her son in the war on terrorism.

Sheehan's supporters began to verbally attack the patriotic group, culminating in an outburst by one Sheehan supporter who screamed at the woman that her son died protecting other Marines who, "Kill, rape and sodomize children."

This video illuminates the true mentality behind moonbat Sheehan's supporters.

Monday, October 23, 2006

I Left My Heart In San Francisco
from the mind of  Cowgirl Up.

or, what I did for my summer vacation

I've been off the radar all summer long wrapped up in a move from the San Francisco Bay Area to the greater Atlanta area. On top of a 2500-mile relocation, selling a house is no easy task. Especially in the current real estate market cool-down. (The entire selling experience has been so difficult, in fact, now that it's finally over I'm certain that if Dante were alive today, he'd write about a special level of Hell where souls must suffer through selling & buying a house in the State of California.)

While I will miss the pleasant California climate, bountiful sunshine, natural beauty, and Pacific ocean, I can't say that I will miss the leftist moonbats, the over-inflated cost of living, and the resulting PC politics. I'm going to miss the Golden State, but I will not miss the Land of Fruits, Nuts & Flakes.

When told about my upcoming relocation, a liberal friend of mine remarked how he could never live in Atlanta because he imagined it to be "too conservative." Unfortunately, I find this perspective to be common among my numerous acquaintances who have spent their entire adult lives steeping in the leftist groupthink of the West coast. Normally I let little remarks like that slide, but in this case I couldn't help but fire back in an e-mail reply that Georgia has plenty of liberals to keep him comfortable; Atlanta, in particular, being home to such establishments as CNN and the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library. I also took the opportunity to remind him that despite Georgia's conservatives, Atlantans continued to re-elect the demure Cynthia McKinney (although the following week she lost her primary - never fear, Moonbats! Like a bad penny, she has a way of always turning up.) Needless to say, I haven't heard back from this friend since then. To be honest I don't care, either. He falls into the same elitist camp that my lesbian neighbors were so fond of flying the flag for: The only places worth living in are New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, and perhaps Portland, OR. Well, they can have it. Although I've only called the Southeast home for roughly three weeks, it's nice to live somewhere more normal for a change - somewhere you don't have to wear Birkenstock sandals, slap a "Bush Lied People Died" bumper sticker on your car, and wear a Che Guevara tee while sporting the footprint of the American Chicken on your person in order to fit in.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

A Matter of Faith
from the mind of  Duke.


All liberals can now go to this church to worship their new god.

As an atheist, I'd never thought I'd say it, but I like the old god a whole lot better.