Thursday, July 27, 2006

React to the Unknown, or Develop flexible coping skills?
from the mind of  Evan Kruse.

Many conversations I have with Human Caused Global Warming advocates deal with the culminating argument that they believe that global warming is human caused, therefore extreme measures should be levied upon humans to stop the warming. I argue that even though that theory is a bit too simplistic and, in my opinion, not accurate, we are better off spending our efforts developing coping strategies because the reason for climate change is not limited to human causes. I ask them how cutting back on CO2 emissions will combat a surge in energy from the sun.

.This article is by someone who seems to be somewhat likeminded. Oh, he also is a Nobel laureate, and works at a little science laboratory in Europe. He's not a former presidential candidate, actor, newscaster or... well, things that just don't matter... he's a top notch chemist.

Read what he has to say, and think about it. Would you rather be spending all of your money fixing the wrong problem... or would you like to develop various strategies to deal with numerous problems as they arise.

Just think about it. If you do, you just may wonder why the global warming industry refuses to take that approach. One reason might be that the forward thinking first world countries are the likely ones to develop and deploy such measures. This system would probably benefit some sort of government contractor, instead of impose great limitations on citizens of the most productive countries on the planet


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