Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Schools = Sitting Ducks
from the mind of  Evan Kruse.

In my home town, there was a school shooting. This hometown being right in the middle of rural America, this seems to be a bit of a shock to many. They wonder what we can do to 'keep this from happening again'.... they wonder 'why' a 14 year old boy brings a hand gun to school and shoots another student. Luckily, in this incident, no one died. It was close, but the victim survived.

I firmly believe that one reason why students bring firearms (illegally) to school is because they realize that no one else (except for other illegal firearm carrying students) has a firearm at school. Bringing that one piece to school automatically elevates their power above the rest of the bodies at the school. It is instant power, and that power can be used in an attempt to instantly solve problems.

We can debate until the end of time how we should go about reducing the probability of a student wanting to bring a gun to school or what steps could be taken to scan and search students on a daily basis in order to check the students for banned firearms. There is an easy solution...

Remove the power created by bringing a firearm to school. How? Encourage school faculty to train on how to use and carry firearms in a concealed fashion. Let students know that it is legal, and in fact encouraged for faculty to carry a concealed weapon, but do not let them know who carries. Let school rumors enforce the fact that bringing a firearm to school will not automatically create a power over other people at school.

It's an idea... I think it is one that ought to be looked at. The more we restrict firearm ownership and restrict locations where they may be carried, the more we expand the power created by breaking these rules.

How much do you want to bet that violent crime in San Francisco, with it's new 'gun ban' increases? Criminals will now know that the chances of attacking a 'law abiding citizen' with a gun are nil. It's really a shame.


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