Thursday, December 15, 2005

A White-Washed Red Cross?
from the mind of  Zeke_Wilkins.

A week or so ago, The Washington Post ran an article that the American Red Cross has come under fire by minority groups for being too white. It seems we're damned when we oppress, and damned when we don't!

Among the concerns:

* evacuees felt "herded like cattle"

Okay, I can agree with this one; there is certainly nothing worse than being herded like cattle. Unless of course you include being killed, bled, cut to pieces, cooked and eaten like cattle.

* shelters were set up in white neighborhoods

Nevermind the fact that the largely-black neighborhoods were underwater.

* relief workers wore surgical gloves

I keep trying to tell all you folks that damned "Germ Theory" is just a medical fad. And I'm sure the use of sanitary barriers to prevent disease spreading to relief workers tremendously decreased the Red Cross' capacity to tend to the victims of Katrina.

Sarcasm aside, I have an honest question: how long do minority groups think they can get away with complaining about the humanitarian efforts conducted by charitable organizations in which financial contributors and relief workers of ethnicity are sadly under-represented? How many times can they question the motives and impugn the character of honest, hardworking whites that wish to donate their time or money?

I'd send money to the Red Cross, or even volunteer; if only I weren't white...


Blogger Notta Libb said...

Check out a funny site dedicated to the absurdity and satire nature of saying “It’s All George Bush’s Fault!"

I hope that you don't think this is spam. I really do think that you'd appreciate a site like this since we share the same idealogy.

Notta Libb

11:50 PM  
Blogger reverse_vampyr said...

I often wonder just what it would take in order to appease the race-baiters in this country. There seems to be no way to please them, short of enslaving all white people.

9:10 AM  

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