Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Moonbats Can't Wait
from the mind of  Cowgirl Up.

Or, Reason #5,143 Why I Will Never Live in San Francisco County

Oh, how original! There was yet another anti-Bush protest and rally today in San Francisco. As usual, traffic was snarled. Hirsute, odiferous participants ditched school to join in on the fun.

This one was organized by yet another flock of Leftist Moonbat spawn, known as World Can't Wait.

I suggest you spend some time there. Surf around, get to know their organizers. Gather intel on the enemy within. If you are at work, though, be prepared to stifle your laughter, for I guarantee it will be hearty. For these people, Bush Derangement Syndrome isn't just a psychiatric illness. It's a full-blown epidemic. Joe Tougas, the San Francisco component of WCW's Steering Committee, is doing it because he cares:

I care infinitely about the environment, cultural evolution, social justice, and anything that helps us achieve clean air, clean water, and peace--for without those things the human race is doomed. And there can be no greater enemy to clean air, clean water, and peace, than the Bush administration.

(Ah, yes. Be patient, children. Our Lady Sheehan's Church of the Bush Haters' Fellowship is just around the corner...)

WCW tries mightily to be hip. They've hired a graphic designer and armed the minions with colorful banners and signs for the protest. On the web site, the intro mimics a Kanye West rappin' hip-hop jive number. (For all I know, it could actually be West.) In the same breath the vocalist laments war deaths caused by Bush, he decries dwindling abortion rights. Ah-ha! Death in war = Bad, but women murdering their unborn innocent babies unencumbered = Good. Check. (I guess that inconvenient baby could have grown up to be an eeeevil Republican, after all.)

Oh, yes. One more thing. It's always nice to see who has endorsed groups such as this. If I recognize any, they go right to the top of my list of people and places to boycott. Or, for that matter, politicians to oust... as several of them are California assemblymen & assemblywomen or city council members.


Blogger Robosquirrel said...

Actually, I'm thinking those aborted babies might've been liberals. After all, their numbers are shrinking... Perhaps liberals will die out if they keep refusing to let their babies live. (Sad, I know.)

4:55 AM  
Blogger Wade said...

I just read the FAQ at the WCW website. It's one thing to be against something and have verifable proof of wrongdoing, but they spit venom without any facts and sources to back it up. Oh and that list of so-called supporters, beyond the recognizable celebrities, it's a list of nobody's. (celebs included.)

11:40 AM  

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