Saturday, September 10, 2005

from the mind of  Evan Kruse.

So... Mr. Brown has gone back to D.C. Seems like a logical step to me... there could be many other events that FEMA might need to assist with managing. It seems reasonable to me that the director would pay attention to the new event, and once the response is established, the command of the extended response would be taken over by an 'event specific leader'...

It makes perfect sense to me, but our Bush Bashing Media sees this as an opportunity. MSNBC, CNN, CBS (not surprisingly), ABC and many others have pitched this as the next best thing to a firing. The whole concept is absurd.

Brown is like the CEO of FEMA. Sure, the CEO of a corporation might get a new idea for a project... and might even dabble with the new project here and then. Say the project really takes off, like an IPOD. Now... will this CEO need to be busy in every IPOD product meeting? Should he be devoting every waking hour, and even some dream time to the IPOD? Perhaps he needs to relocate his house to where the IPOD factory sets. Heck... He should live IN the IPOD factory!

Normal people can see that it is very important, when an organization has one major task to tackle, that the leadership set up and delegate leadership duties so the rest of the organization doesn't shrivle up and die while (or whilst, for you across the pond readers) one product survives.

Regardless of Brown's job performance, it is completely logical that he head back to D.C. and delegate the duties of the Katrina Relief to someone else. This is so logical that it is a non-news story. If anything, it should be a minor, one or two sentences, clarification in a story introducing the new Katrina Disaster Director.

The Big Media's ability to make any story bad... as long as it is connected to the Bush Administration, is very dissappointing. The putrid bias, though, has been stinking for so long that it is just a given to plug one's nose while watching the news. The problem is that so many people don't even smell the stink anymore... they've been around it so long. I think we need to push to get them to officially register as a political party... They act like one.

That's one trait of a true LXCG'er... we can smell rotten news a mile away.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

America Should Embrace Islam and not Fear it

By Dr. Omar al-Shaal

It is the fourth anniversary of the attacks on America and non-Muslim Americans still persist in carrying the fear and hatred towards Muslims. It is everywhere from the schools to the work places where Muslims are made to feel that it was their fault that the attacks to place. Although not a single Muslim was killed in the attacks they all died that day with non-believers and it was the eternal will of Allah that protected the Muslims from the attacks that day.

We must forgive those who perpetrated the attacks as they only followed the orders from men and not kept in the commands of Allah. Islam is a truly a religion of peace. Unlike Judaism, we Muslim do not kill without provocation, or with malicious intent. It is only the will of Allah that we follow. The world would be a better place if Islam attained its goal of propagating the one true word of Allah, and that word is “Peace”. No other religion can make that claim or prove that it is truly the purpose of itself, not even Christianity whose violent past during the Crusades, murdered millions of innocent Muslims throughout the world.

The tenants of Islam are what Americans should desire. We Muslims advocate the strong values of family where the man is the head of the house and the household serves the man who serves the will of Allah. A woman’s role is to serve the man and the child’s role is to follow the guidance set by the father under the Shari’a. These roles are easy to follow and life, if followed is simple and satisfying. Under the laws of Shari’a, immoralities such as homosexuality are not tolerated as it violates the laws of Allah. Each man knows that his role is to find a woman to populate the earth for the glory of Allah and there is no reason to have so called SAME SEX marriages because they do not produce the future.

Rape is not tolerated in the Islamic culture and if the honor of a man’s family is violated as a result of a wife’s or daughter’s poor judgment regarding their actions, then Shari’a appropriates for the honor to be restored by the father or any respected male member in cleansing the Family’s good name by the absolute removal of the disobedient female by beheading; thereby restoring honor to the family. This is acceptable practice among Muslims and in that way, maintains those who would go astray, along a straight and narrow path towards Heaven. To the non-believer, this would seem extreme but it is no different than the death penalty practiced in many countries today.

Imagine a world FREE from fear, from war, and doubt. That would be the world of Islam and that world is little by little happening today. With an estimated 40% of the world now Islamic, that reality is presently approaching. Oh the glory of Allah shall be upon the face of all men. That is why I beseech you Americans; do not fear Islam, for it is Islam that will set you free. Islam is the ONE and TRUE word of God. You should accept it with open arms and let the glory of Allah take you unto a path of truth and peace. Do not fight the will of Allah as many are doing now. Islam is like a wave from the ocean, you can either learn to ride it and it will transport you to a world filled with hope and peace or, you can resist it, and like a riptide, your resistance shall take you out to a cold, dark, dismal sea, filled with hatred, and death.

Copyright© 2005 al-Hiemaal

Dr. Omar al-Shaal is a Professor of Islamic Studies in Saudi Arabia

12:13 AM  
Blogger cowgirlup said...

To Dr. Omar:

Ah. Riiiiiiight. As if those countries presently under Islamic rule are bastions of peace, love, harmony, human rights and equality. *snort*

Thanks for the good laugh, though. I'll take my western democracy and freedom to choose a religion (or none at all) over your Sharia law any day.

7:46 PM  

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