Saturday, November 27, 2004

The Register Guard imitates The Vandals
from the mind of  Duke.

The Vandals, I Don't Believe in Santa Claus, from Christmas With the Vandals:

The reason I didn't get you anything this year is:

I don't believe in santa clause, his corporate image forced upon the blinded spending masses, to enslave the lower classes with obligatory gifts that serve to cleanse a year of guilt and shame. one token gesture justifies the apathetic, hypnotized. leaving them to be kris kringle's slaves...

Plus I couldn't find a place to park at the mall. Sorry.

The Eugene Register Guard, 11/27/04:

Dan Linn said he's pared back his generosity over the years too, in part to preserve resources, but also because he just doesn't have as much money as he used to.

Friday, November 26, 2004

SI Sportsman of the Year- Vote Tillman!
from the mind of  Evan Kruse.

Follow this link and vote for Pat Tillman as sportsman of the year. Those who know me may be surprised by this vote... mostly because I am one of Lance Armstrong's biggest fans and I absolutely love his display of atheletic ability and sportsmanship. I love cycling through and through... but this year, there is a better choice.

Pat Tillman deserves your vote because he displayed something beyond sportsmanship. All of the other choices on the ballot showed great skill and determination, but none showed the true meaning of what sport is... just a sport. A true professional sportsman cares about his fans. Pat Tillman cared so much about the public that pays his paycheck that he decided he could serve us better by putting his life on the line in the battlefield rather than by continuing to entertain us a few nights a week.

Lance and Ichiro may have broken records this year. The Sox may have broken the curse... but Pat Tillman gave up the chance to break records in order to protect your family and mine. We owe him this tribute. We owe him much, much more.

Thank you, Pat Tillman. May your name live in the hearts of Americans forever.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

from the mind of  Evan Kruse.

2004 CHEMTRAILS OVER AMERICA OK... This seems like science that the left could really attach itself to. I'd imagine that maybe this will be picked up by Al Gore shortly after a movie is made about it.

All I have to say is... wow.

I wonder if a Russian scalar longitudinal EM wave interferometer would make mowing the lawn easier.

Friday, November 19, 2004

More evidence of a DPRK power struggle?
from the mind of  Daredemo.

After following and scrolling down a bit from the link in today's BOTW we see an interesting piece in today's edition of the KCNA's webpage:

Songun Politics to Be Continued in DPRK

Pyongyang, November 18 (KCNA) -- It is the unshakable will of leader Kim Jong Il to defend and accomplish the Korean revolution, started with arms, relying on the armed forces. True to the behests of President Kim Il Sung, he carried forward the leadership based on Songun politics with an inspection of an army unit ten years ago.

When the Korean people were overwhelmed by grief after the President passed away, Kim Jong Il issued an order of the supreme commander of the Korean People's Army on building Chongryu Bridge (second stage) and Kumnung Tunnel No. 2, the first order to implement the President's behests. When inspecting the construction site of the Nyongwon Power Station, he told officials that the behests of the President should be implemented without fail.

He has continued his Songun-based leadership, saying that he should go anywhere, if it is for the implementation of the President's behests, and that doing so is his unswerving will and invariable creed as he took over the chairmanship of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK and the supreme commandership from the President.

Through his uninterrupted inspection of army units he has strengthened the army to be a strong revolutionary army defending the leader at the cost of their lives and an invincible army no enemy can match.

Signal successes have been registered in science and the economy, too.

Typical of them are the launch of artificial satellite Kwangmyongsong No.1, completion of Juche-oriented iron-making methods, successful cloning, construction of the Anbyon Youth Power Station, Youth Hero Highway and Pyongyang-Hyangsan Tourist Motorway, modern chicken farms and fish farms and standardization of co-op fields.

Doesn't this look like some kind of campaign op-ed? It should be noted that DPRK's propaganda dept. is run by KJI's son, who is also the current heir to the throne. Could somebody be trying to make the case that his Dad should keep his head? BTW, I just noticed the last bit here about their claim they've launched a satellite... Googling around finds a lot of DPRK propaganda, a CNN article, and a much better summary on Ah -- so this was probably that infamous missile launch that dropped hardware in northern Japan 1998...

Thursday, November 18, 2004

KJI's depressed too...
from the mind of  Daredemo.

Looks like not all distraught Kerry supporters are in the US... The Times of London has an article on some of the interesting developments in the Demented People's Republic of Korea -- remarking on how Kim Jong-il's depression over the loss of his favorite wife got much deeper upon the reelection of President Bush:
As Japanese envoys tried to persuade the North Koreans last week to rejoin multinational talks, Kim's absence from the scene led to speculation that a debilitating power struggle may have paralysed the ruling clan. This followed the death of Koh Young-hee, a dancer who had provided Kim with an heir apparent to the world's only communist dynasty.

"The loss of this woman was a blow," said a foreign diplomat. "But John Kerry's loss in the US election was a harder one. These are now very worried men."

further down:
Kim's prestige suffered a blow after he gambled and lost on a Kerry victory. The North Koreans played a waiting game through three rounds of nuclear talks in the belief that Kim could cut a better deal with a Democratic administration.

Sounds like he's got a lot of reasons to worry these days... There has been a fair amount of speculation lately that KJI might be losing favor, or that there even has been a coup -- apparently those unfortunate to have been in the DPRK recently have noticed that some of the ever present portraits of KJI have been removed. There was also a report yesterday in the Sankei Shimbun (in Japanese) that there have been groups spreading anti-KJI leaflets around the country. A less detailed English version is here. Apparently there has been a sort of chain letter writing campaign (CIA?), where people have been copying by hand and exchanging notes listing the "10 lies of Kim Il Sung, and Kim Jong Il", to spread rumors about some of the problems with KJI's hagiography. They emphasize for example that KJI was not in fact of the exalted military class, born in Russia -- not Korea, and that he was really descended from rich land owners, all things less than favorable in the eyes of those indoctrinated under the DPRK system...

So while the networks harp on US Marines that have the audacity to kill their enemies, and what the bleeding edge latest is in the Scott Peterson trial, keep your eyes out for what may be the more interesting news in the near future... A very good source to do that is the North Korea zone link on the sidebar here...

Friday, November 12, 2004

An Open Letter To My Democrat Friends
from the mind of  Zeke_Wilkins.

By now enough time has elapsed for the shock of defeat to begin wearing off and the hysterics and empty promises of mass Democrat migration to Canada can begin. With President Bush garnering the largest number of popular votes of any president in U.S. history and the GOP securing four more Senate seats and increasing the majority in the House of Representatives, Republicans have been given a mandate despite objections otherwise.

I can understand the anger and depression felt by my Democrat friends (I'll try to avoid using the terms "progressive" and "liberal" since Democrats are neither), I would be upset if my candidate had lost. In this time of Democratic mourning there is plenty of speculation as to what went wrong, and how Democrats can be more relevant in the next election. Sadly, most of the advice to Democrats is from other Democrats. So in the spirit of national unity, please allow me to make a few observations:

1) Homosexual Marriage: For now, this is a losing issue for Democrats. As a Republican I oppose gay marriage, but not because I am intolerant and trying to legislate my religious preference on others. While I object to homosexuality on religious grounds, I leave that discussion in church where it belongs, which is why I was unopposed to the decriminalization of sodomy in Texas. I vote against homosexual marriage because I believe that the only legitimate reason our secular government acknowledges the private and often religious practice of marriage is for the economic subsidization of couples to produce and raise offspring as responsible citizens. Since homosexual unions by definition are incapable of producing offspring without the intervention of a third party; we should not codify into law a whole class of marriage that is not capable of producing children. Further, homosexuals as a demographic are more educated and affluent that heterosexuals. We should not divert limited resources away from the only valid reason that secular government should recognize marriage. At the bottom of the issue, this is simply an attempt to further push the homosexual agenda into the mainstream and force acceptance from the public; something the government should not do.

2) Abortion: The country is much more closely split on the issue of abortion, so it is not so much the losing issue that homosexual marriage is. However, it is extremely discordant to hear from the same people that champion women's rights, minority rights, homosexual and transgender rights, Iraqi civilian rights, etc. that fetal life should have no rights. The same people who march down streets with anti-war banners decrying innocent Iraqi deaths, march down those same streets with banners decrying efforts to end the destruction of our society's most innocent and defenseless lives. As long as this double-standard is embraced by the Democratic party and its fringe-group subsidiaries, you will have no moral authority in the eyes of many. It is empirical fact that human fetal life is just that: both alive and human, and therefore worthy of legal protection. This is a case where conservatives are truly more compassionate. And woe to you Democrats who argue for the continuation of abortion based on the properties and abilities (or lack thereof) of the unborn; for you have become what you despise: the final arbiter of the worth of human life.

3) Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Again, this is an issue which seems to be split fairly evenly in the populace. The problem for Democrats, in my mind, is the "cure at all costs" mentality held by most supporters of ESCR. When you are willing to trade human life for medical experimentation that may or may not produce results, you have yielded the moral high ground. Many try to circumvent the issue by asserting, "the fertilized eggs will die anyway," or "they're not wanted,"; but miss the point that we will all die anyway, and some adults are unwanted. How many Democrats would feel comfortable with experimentation on violent felons, or the homeless, or the permanently comatose? In fact, many object to current experimentation on animals. The bottom line with ESCR is that it destroys human life for the potential of a medical cure. Do we want to be that type of society?

4) Religion and Morality: Democrats tend to worry that the religious beliefs of conservatives will find their way into law. They also believe that there is a correlation between religious conviction and stupidity. A few thoughts on this: i) Everyone holds religious and moral beliefs, even if the belief is that religion is stupid and that it is meaningless to talk of morals. ii) The religious beliefs of atheists, agnostics, and non-church affiliated individuals make their way into lawmaking as well. iii) The tendency for conservatives to insert their religious beliefs into law is tempered by the tendency of conservatives to believe in a "hands-off" governmental approach. I can think of no analog for Democrats: when you believe that everything you stand for is completely good, true, pure and just, as well as untainted by any religious or moral content, you Democrats are unequaled in your militancy and hubris. iv) Stupidity is a universal condition; lest Democrats think that religious folk are far dumber than themselves, I suggest they attend an anti-war rally and take an honest and critical look at the people standing around them.

5) Gun Control: This is certainly a losing issue for Democrats. Occasionally dressing up in camouflage and walking through a field with a shotgun will not fool those of us who take firearm ownership seriously. I cannot stress this enough: firearm ownership is a right, not a privilege. When you try to confiscate and legislate firearms out of the hands of law-abiding citizens you are interfering with the god-given and constitutionally protected right of self-defense. You Democrats work tirelessly to protect convicted murderers from facing justice in the form of capital punishment, and continually foist on our society the thoroughly disproved notion of rehabilitating violent criminals, while demanding that the public remain unarmed and defenseless.

6) Pre-Emptive War: Much akin to gun control is the doctrine of pre-emptive strike. Both deal with self defense. Very few who argue against preemption on a national level would hesitate for a moment to use it on an individual level. How many Democrats would allow themselves to be punched, kicked, stabbed or shot before they began to defend their lives? If a perceived threat exists, it is rational to counter it immediately; and not everyone who strikes first is a bully.

I could go on, but I think the six points above demonstrate how Democrats are losing their relevancy and moral credibility. Having Michael Moore and other radical cronies spew their "America is what's wrong with the world" ideology doesn't help either. So let me end this letter with a suggestion for all of you Moore-loving, America-hating, self-righteous crusaders of the politically correct agenda: move to Canada!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

U.N. seeks quick move to Palestinian state
from the mind of  Evan Kruse.

This Article is so off base that it's almost laughable. The UN Flag flies at half staff? Did the UN flag fly at half staff after he ordered innocent people to be killed? The UN 'seeks quick move to Palestinian state'... Um... I wouldn't say that twenty or thirty or forty some years is a quick move. They had a chance a few years ago to see it happen, but they wouldn't compromise at all and missed their chance. Oh well.... The 'Seattle Post-Intelligencer' might just be more post than intelligence...

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

He Really Really Really is Dead This Time...
from the mind of  Daredemo.

Looks like Arafat ran out of parts they could say were alive. All the news channels now are looping various tributes to Arafat. This leads me to observe two things:

  1. Independent of all the terrible things Arafat has done, honestly, he really is an ugly bastard. No, really, I am hard pressed to think of a more repulsive looking individual. I am going to eat some dessert after posting this, and will be changing the channel. I just don't want to see that while I'm eating.

  2. I realize its taken a long time for all of his bodily functions to cease, but really how long is the event of someone's death "breaking news"? Its been at least two hours now and several of the cable news channels still have the "breaking news" banner. Unless he is still in the process of dying, (a few scenes from various Loony Tunes cartoons come to mind) I would think it should now just be "news".

That's all -- hopefully they'll get that buzzard planted and somebody will be able to finally make some progress over there...
A month or so before the election, my grandfather and I made a ten dollar wager on the outcome. So I was feeling pretty good the other day when a letter from him arrived in the mail. First my guy wins the election, now I'm being rewarded for my clairvoyance. This week just keeps getting better!

Inside the envelope was the money, but along with it was a note:

To: Dave Caley
From: "Gramps"
Re: Election Payoff

2 Lincolns
Wed, Nov 4, 2004

Leyte, PI
Nov 5, 1944 (60 years ago)
Took a bullet

That was two days before FDR would win his fourth term in office. My grandfather was not yet old enough to vote. But his sacrifice ensured that sixty years later his grandson would have the right to do so.

It's nice to get a good dose of humility every so often.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Kerry- The Anti-uniter
from the mind of  Evan Kruse.

The election is over, yet Kerry still is flip-flopping! How long did this take to go from 'bringing a divided nation together' to 'anti-Bush'? Oh... Who cares. This is the Democratic Party at its best.

Talking to the Left
from the mind of  ME=mc^2.

Since arriving at LLNL, I've avoided discussing politics with the people in the ajoining offices for the past nearly two months. But today, another new hire arrived, and in the course of realizing we had a mutual acquaintence at Purdue, the conversation slowly decended into the politics of the war on terror and specifically the war in Iraq.

This particular fellow was like so many on the left: He wasn't capable of discussing just one subject. His comments about the present war in Iraq were constantly laced with gratuitous and rhetorical slurs against the United States regarding, for example, the coup which toppled Chilean President Salvador Allende, or the U.S. support for the Contras against the Sandinistas.

In order to keep the discussion on track, I left those extraneous indictments against the United States unanswered.

Mary Anastasia O'Grady, writing in the Wall Street Journal on April 25, 2003, sets the record straight: "Allende was elected in September 1970 but by the autumn of 1973 a combination of economic incompetence and arrogant abuse of power had destroyed his legitimacy. The country was polarized, paralyzed, fraught with street violence and on the brink of a bloody civil war. This truth is of course anathema to international socialists and communists who have been pumping out propaganda for three decades to deny the failure... Allende's victory in 1970 came with only 36% of the vote. That meant that congress held power over his win. The Christian Democrats who despised Chile's right but clearly distrusted the radicalized leftist agreed to clear his way only if he accepted a 'Statute of Guarantees' to ensure the democracy and the rule of law. Allende consented so as to get into office but he had no intention of containing his militant constituents, backed by Fidel Castro, and their appetite for power... Sharp political divisions helped Allende get and hold power for three years despite his radicalism and his reckless
economics. He cleverly used the law to shield himself while he consolidated that power. There were assaults on the press, extensive nationalization of businesses and a methodical effort to build a shadow army, which produced mounting violence throughout the period. The weapons for his informal army were coming from Cuba, the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. By 1973 the country was in shambles and housewives were banging empty pots to protest Allende economics. Early that year the government announced rationing... On May 26 all 14 Supreme Court justices signed a document complaining that 'an open and willful contempt of judicial decisions [by the executive]' threatened an 'imminent breakdown of legality.' On Aug. 22 came the resolution from the Lower House declaring a 'grave breakdown of the legal and constitutional order' and placing the responsibility for restoring 'legal paths' with the military. On August 25 the Medical Association asked the president to resign and the Bar Association followed suit on Aug. 31. Yet experts say that more than any one single event it was Allende's proposal for a national education curriculum, a la East Germany, that drove the military to its final decision. The Pinochet dictatorship was difficult for everyone. Yet as Cuba shows it could have been far worse. Chileans went with the lesser of two
evils, broadly supporting an unprecedented military coup to save the country, not only from economic ruin but also from the shackles of communist repression."

And obviously Danny Ortega and the Sandinistas were died in the wool commies. They lost the election held on February 25, 1990 despite, for example, Sandinista mobs attacking supporters of Violeta Chamarro with machetes. And never mind that as soon as Chamarro's victory was sealed, the Contras as an organization disappeared.

Ann Coulter once remarked that "When arguments are premised on lies, there is no foundation for debate. You end up conceding to half the lies simply to focus on the lies of holocaust-denial proportions." Such was the case today....

Monday, November 08, 2004

Massive 30,000-Pound Bomb
from the mind of  Evan Kruse.

Eglin [AFB] Studying Massive 30,000-Pound Bomb. This is good news, though it may seem confusing to people who don't quite understand what goals the 'lighter and faster' military actually have. I'm glad to see that the administration is actively researching new weapons... This is one that will keep us safe.

Think they might hit it...
from the mind of  Daredemo.

So assuming the image hangs around on the foxnews server, saw the following on their front page:

Maybe its the angle of this photo, but I suspect these guys are going to have a problem when they pull the trigger.

"Join the Iraqi Insurgency! We'll teach you to hit the broadside of a barn from 3 inches away. Once."

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Clarence Thomas as Chief Justice?
from the mind of  Zeke_Wilkins.

Drudge has posted that President Bush is currently looking into the pros and cons of nominating Clarence Thomas as a replacement to William Rehnquist as Chief Justice in the event of Rehnquist's retirement.

This could be one of the best ways for President Bush to spend his political capital! An appointment of Thomas to Chief Justice would have far-reaching and positive effects on American jurisprudence for quite some time.

Thoughts on the Election
from the mind of  ME=mc^2.

At one point late on election night, mostly out of curiosity, I switched the channel over to CBS to see how they were calling the election. Naturally the first thing I saw was Dan Rather sitting at the CBS "Decision Desk." During the campaign, Dan Rather had been less than objective: There was Dan trying to peddle obviously fabricated documents regarding Bush's National Guard service, or Dan attempting to coordinate the breaking of bombgate on the Sunday before the election. Here was a forlorn and aging leftist media elite, and at that point on election night, he really looked his age.

I was already feeling great on election night: FOX and NBC had called Ohio for Bush, while ABC and the Wall Street Journal had called Nevada for Bush. New Mexico and Iowa were also looking very favorable for the president. And then the exhausted and dejected mug of Dan Rather appeared on my TV screen looking obviously inconsolable over the impending defeat of John Kerry and incoherently descending into obscure Texan tropes, and all of a sudden, I felt EVEN BETTER.

I have some advice for the Democratic party after this rout by the Republicans:

Avoid lawyers and limousine liberals.

Quit assuming that all the gun-owning, church-going, SUV-driving, MacDonalds-eating, FOX News-watching masses in fly-over America are fat, lazy, stupid, intolerant, racist, homophobic, shortsighted, heartless, fanatically religious redneck hicks. They're not. Most of them are well educated, hard working, tolerant, and compassionate just like you are. This sort of condescension doesn't endear you to voters. This sort of condescension doesn't endear you to voters.

Don't try to rewrite history for political gain. The "Bush lied" mantra didn't resonate outside of the parlors of the far left. We all remember Saddam's use of poison gas during the Iran-Iraq war, Halabja, fears of poison gas warheads landing on Tel Aviv during the first Gulf War, seven years of UNSCOM, the still unknown source of the anthrax in the mail, and Hans Blix's testimony to the UN before the war stating that Iraq had once again failed to comply with Resolution 1441 and the 16 prior UN resolutions. And we all remember the various statements before the war by Democrats from Tom Daschle to John Kerry to John Edwards to the whole lot of them who all said Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. Of course it is more fun to create rather than recall facts, but such obvious rewrites of recent history only damage your credibility and show you to be dishonest and politically opportunistic.

"Know your enemy" is a well known maxim: Get to know some Republicans, listen to them, expose yourself to some of their conservative ideas, and engage them honestly. Thanks to the liberal bias in the main-stream media, the leftist proclivities of Hollywood, and the liberals' monolithic lock on education at all levels from kindergarden to graduate school, it is hard for Republicans to avoid being constantly exposed to Democatic ideas. By comparison, many Democrats are able to stay safely ensconced in their intellectual cocoons. This is why -- as this election demonstrated -- the Democrats are loosing the war of ideas and loosing it badly, for in unanimity, you usually find a lack of rigorous thinking.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Some quick links Re: Fallujah
from the mind of  Daredemo.

As things get close to coming to a head in Fallujah, found a couple links that possibly give a bit better idea what's going on:

The Nov 3 post on a blog called The Green Side by a Marine Lt. Col. named Dave has a very good description of what's been going on and what's about to happen. Read it -- it is very good.

Also found an Iraqi blog, The Mesopotamian that is posting on the Fallujah situation fairly frequently.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Arafat is Dead!
from the mind of  Daredemo.

The President is far more gracious than I, when informed of Arafat's (then rumored) passing during his press conference this morning, his response was "God bless his soul". My response would've been "Yes!!! Its about f-ing time!".

And now its more or less official -- the bugger's brain dead. And this time its not just a figure of speech...

The news these days just keeps getting better and better! First the re-election, now one of the primary (if not the primary) roadblocks to peace in the middle-east kicks the bucket!

The next 4 years are really looking good!

Stop Arlen Specter!
from the mind of  Zeke_Wilkins.

Human Events Online has an article detailing the likely event of Arlen Specter chairing the Senate Judiciary Committee, and ways to stop it. With several possible Supreme Court appointments being made in the next four years, we've got to keep Specter the RINO from chairing the committee.

I've already called Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's office at (202) 224-3344 to complain, and I've also phoned Senator Rick Santorum, Chair of the Senate Republican Conference, at (202) 224-6324.

Please take a minute to let these two men know how you feel.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Oh How Red it Is!
from the mind of  Daredemo.

USA Today has put up how the election went county by county this time around. Assuming they allow individual images to be swiped, its shown below:

So to give credit where it's due, they quote on their page the source for this map was "the Associated Press, ESRI Inc. USATODAY analysis by Paul Overberg."

For comparison they also have the 2000 map:

The 2004 map is still being filled in, but you can already see its crystallizing to virtually the same picture... If dropped anywhere in the US, you're much more likely to land somewhere that voted for Bush! This lends further support to my belief that group intelligence is inversely proportional to population density.

Some good news for Kerry
from the mind of  humor_me.

In the wake of a post-election sweep of Congress and the presidency, I'd like to offer an olive branch and post some good news for Kerry and his campaigners. Non-conservatives, feel free to copy this and file it under 'L' for Looking on the Bright Side.

  1. Senator Kerry received more votes than any other presidential candidate in any previous election (55,532,981).

  2. Senator Kerry could have accumulated an estimated 120,000 frequent flyer miles had he traveled via Northwest Airlines (based in conveniently Democratic state Minnesota)-- enough for a pair of roundtrip tickets from Boston to Paris for he and his wife Mrs. Heinz-Kerry to celebrate their achievement (noted above).

  3. On the campaign trail, John Kerry and his staff have done their part to keep several local service businesses (e.g. restaurants, conference centers, hotels, gas stations) in operation, even contributing valuable time in hurricane-swept Florida in the final stages of the campaign. Kerry also supports American water purification businesses as they compete with foreign bottled water baron Evian.

  4. Senator Kerry has spent 29 months of his 20 years in the majority party in Congress, earning positions on four committees and nine sub-committees (where he was able to vote both for and against the war in Iraq).

  5. Senator Kerry is still able to look forward to at least FOUR MORE YEARS of good health in the Senate, passing another 1.3 bills into legislation (unless he runs up against a Republican majority in the Senate-- oh, wait, that's already happened!).

  6. Kerry is five seats closer to being the highest-ranking Democrat in the Senate. Perhaps should endorse fellow Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy?

  7. Senator Edwards is going to have three more months to be able to abstain from voting on major pieces of legislation during this year's lame duck session.

  8. "Flip-flop" is now a well-known word in the English language.

  9. Whoever knew that Americans thought moral values belonged in the White House? Well, now we do, thanks to the stark contrast between President Bush and (not-President) Kerry.

I'd like to close with a tribute to John Kerry's efforts which have helped the U.S. become the great nation it is today (courtesy of James Taranto):

Served in Vietnam:
A grateful nation thanks him
And says, "That's enough"

What do you get for $28 Million?
from the mind of  Evan Kruse.

You could get 28 Million King Size Bags of Peanut M&Ms.


You could buy 4827 Beautiful Cannondale Road Bikes


You could buy nearly 30,000 EOS Digital Rebel Camera Kits


You could spend it all on trying to trick the public into believing your flawed ideology and END UP WITH NOTHING!

A few random election thoughts
from the mind of  Duke.

I'm still exhausted from too little sleep last night, and a hectic day at work, so forgive me for just posting a few disjointed thoughts, instead of something more coherent.

Watched the election with my democratic parents last night. It was a real hoot. I don't think dad said anything at all after about eight o'clock. I didn't even have to gloat. The dogs seemed pretty happy though; them's republican pooches.

Lots of liberals are trying to convince us that the margin of victory is too small for Republicans to claim a mandate. If that were all that had happened, they might have a point. But not only did Bush convincingly win the presidency, but we picked up seats in both the house and senate, and deposed the minority leader. This is more than I had even dared to hope for. I call mandate.

There is a great thread on LGF documenting moonbat hysterics.

Now I'm anxiously waiting for the left to begin tearing itself apart in the process of trying to place the blame. I suspect it's going to get extremely bloody. But in the end, I do hope that a stronger, more rational democratic party emerges. While I do of course hope that the democrats remain in the minority, having a legitimate, credible opposition is requisite for a healty political system. I see no way for the democrats to accomplish this without shedding the looney left. It remains to be seen if they can accomplish this.

Even when the polls (like this one) seemed worrying, I always thought that things would go our way. Why? People voting for Bush were voting for him largely because they liked him. People voting for Kerry were voting for him almost exclusively because he was simply not Bush, rather than because they liked Kerry. I think it's a fundamental part of human nature that people are going to be more willing to go out and try to make a difference in support of something, instead of against it. Even with high voter turnout, there is always some percentage of the electorate who intend to vote, but are too busy, forget, or just can't do so for some other reason. This group will be primarily composed of those who are not fighting for something. Which is why a state like Florida can seem to be a dead heat, but turn into a runaway victory on election day.

As usual, a picture is worth 10^3 words.

Now I'm off to call my grandfather. We had a friendly $10 bet on the outcome of the election, and it's time to call it in.

V is for....
from the mind of  Evan Kruse.

Victory! The way things set now, it would take a lawyering job suprassing that of Florida in 2000 by multiple orders of magnitude in order to bring Kerry out on top. I can just hear the chants... 4... MORE... YEARS....

I can now sleep at night knowing that Terrorism will be the enemy rather than a nuisance...

To these people...

...who were chanting "Bush is gone! Kerry Won! Already Done!"... I just don't know what to say to you other than... WRONG! I think that they may have gathered their info from Mr. Rather (You just don't know the extreme restraint I use to keep myself from photoshopping this picture into something really funny...)

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Vote, But Please Don't Vote for Hanoi John Kerry
from the mind of  Evan Kruse.

Today is an important day. Just a few visual reminders of who deserves your vote.

All of these pictures are from a rally in Southern Oregon.

Update: Since our site counter reads less than 58 million, I can not conclusively take credit for all of the votes. Though, word of mouth does spread quickly.....

Monday, November 01, 2004

Full 'transcript' of bin Ladin's speech
from the mind of  Evan Kruse.

WTN (World Terrorist News) oh, wait... I mean Aljazeera has posted the full transcript of Bin Laden's Speech. Here are a few highlights:

Finally we learn the truth about the fall of the Soviet Empire and the difficulties that Russia has in the aftermath. It had nothing to do with the US or any other western force, it was Osama and Gang that brought them down: This is in addition to our having experience in using guerrilla warfare and the war of attrition to fight tyrannical superpowers, as we, alongside the Mujahideen, bled Russia for ten years, until it went bankrupt and was forced to withdraw in defeat.

This statement is obvously supposed to be a bash on our President, but... when you think about it, it can be completely turned around on Osama himself: No-one except a dumb thief plays with the security of others and then makes himself believe he will be secure. Whereas thinking people, when disaster strikes, make it their priority to look for its causes, in order to prevent it happening again.

Well, anyway, check it out. Just keep in mind that it is a translation by the WTN, I mean, alJazeera. There are thousands of sources out there that can provide neutral translations, and alJazeera isn't one of them.

I must say, this sure sounds like he's stumping for the Democrats. The short portion that al Jazeera initially aired didn't seem like it, but this entire trasncript sure makes it seem like it sure does....

I wonder if Osama and his gang are back in their hideouts chanting 'one more day!' over and over again...