Friday, November 26, 2004

SI Sportsman of the Year- Vote Tillman!
from the mind of  Evan Kruse.

Follow this link and vote for Pat Tillman as sportsman of the year. Those who know me may be surprised by this vote... mostly because I am one of Lance Armstrong's biggest fans and I absolutely love his display of atheletic ability and sportsmanship. I love cycling through and through... but this year, there is a better choice.

Pat Tillman deserves your vote because he displayed something beyond sportsmanship. All of the other choices on the ballot showed great skill and determination, but none showed the true meaning of what sport is... just a sport. A true professional sportsman cares about his fans. Pat Tillman cared so much about the public that pays his paycheck that he decided he could serve us better by putting his life on the line in the battlefield rather than by continuing to entertain us a few nights a week.

Lance and Ichiro may have broken records this year. The Sox may have broken the curse... but Pat Tillman gave up the chance to break records in order to protect your family and mine. We owe him this tribute. We owe him much, much more.

Thank you, Pat Tillman. May your name live in the hearts of Americans forever.


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