Monday, October 30, 2006

"Did They Go Out and Kill and Rape and Sodomize Some Children...?"
from the mind of  Cowgirl Up.

Meet Cindy Sheehan's Supporters

Melanie Morgan of Move America Forward and talk show host for KSFO in San Francisco has been on a book tour for her recently published American Mourning, in which "Peace" mom Cindy Sheehan is scrutinized. As Morgan and Sheehan hail from the same region, Morgan has been very thorough when it comes to chronicling the antics of Sheehan and her ilk.

In an e-mail update from October 27th, Morgan details:

Last night Cindy Sheehan brought her anti-war "Peace Mom" book tour to Fresno, California.

Outside of Cindy's appearance stood a group of pro-troop supporters, fully decked out in red, white & blue and carrying "Support Our Troops" signs. One of them was Robin Butterfield who lost her son in the war on terrorism.

Sheehan's supporters began to verbally attack the patriotic group, culminating in an outburst by one Sheehan supporter who screamed at the woman that her son died protecting other Marines who, "Kill, rape and sodomize children."

This video illuminates the true mentality behind moonbat Sheehan's supporters.


Blogger Michael said...

Ms. Sheehan is a TOOL, and she is now aware of it. Yes, she did get caught up in the fame, groupies, talk shows, and all the rest that goes with being a reality show contestant. She's home alone in bed at nights, her son is still dead, and she now realizes how disrespectful she has been to his memory. She will live the rest of her life denying the shame she has brought down on her son, and herself. I don't remember who it was that once said, "Fame is like a sweet smelling perfume, so wonderful to have and to enjoy, just don't ever swallow it, because it's poison."

6:49 PM  

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