Tuesday, July 25, 2006

from the mind of  Evan Kruse.

Today, our faithful leader in the world order, Kofi Annan, stated requirements for a UN peacekeeping mission to Lebanon.

This is from memory, so it's a rough quote. He said "in order for peacekeeping forces to arrive, the violence MUST stop."

OK, so, technically, a peacekeeping mission, by definition, would be a mission where peace already exists and must be maintained. So, by this definition, the UN should probably muster a force and deploy to the border between Sweeden and Norway.

Our 'world order' leaders at the UN just don't get it. We need force to battle the backwards ideology of the islamofacists today. If a body is to exist to promote peace worldwide, then it must be willing to not just KEEP the peace, but sometimes, when needed, RESTORE the peace. It appears that the UN is unwilling to do the more difficult, but sometimes necessary mission.

Think of it this way: Our local police forces in the US are charged, basically, with enforcing laws that provide the private citizens with the greatest possibility of having a peaceful life, free from violence and bodily harm. By the UN definition of peace promotion, if a local police officer came up to a domestic dispute between a man and a woman, he should only be able to exert any kind of force IF the couple stops fighting. Can you see it now? The cops episodes would mostly be made up of extended video footage of husbands pummeling their wives.

Now, we all in the west understand that sometimes our police must use force to break up a bad situation. They go through training, and are given a fairly wide array of tools to be able to use the best possible force to dissolve bad situations. Many military forces around the world have a similar set of tools and similar training that is catered to dissolving wars instead of domestic disputes.

History has shown, however, that UN peacekeepign forces are not the blessing that the UN makes them out to be. Perhaps Israel is better off providing their own protection.


Blogger dr. nic said...

Israel is probably better off without UN peacekeepers, especially since Annan thinks the Israeli military is deliberately targeting UN officials.

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