Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Peace through... well... not strength.
from the mind of  Evan Kruse.

Kofi is flexing his peace keeping muscles again. This time, he has warned the parties in conflict that if they don't start behaving peacefully, then he will remove his peacekeeping troops.

Humph. And people on the left think that GWB lacks brainpower...

OK, so, say you're a parent. Say you have two children that are fighting. Say you're on a road trip, and they keep fighting in the car. Now... say you let your spouse drive so you can sit in the middle to keep them from fighting. (this is where we get to the real analogy... ) If the kids keep trying to fight, would you a)threaten to impose severe punishments if they continue to fight, or b) threaten to leave them alone in the car so they can resume pounding eachother into bloody pulps?

Well, most people would pick option 'a'... but Kofi here, with millions of lives at stake, seems to be threatening an option 'b'. Wow! I'm glad they are the worlds #1 peacekeeping body! I feel much better!

So, perhaps we need to start working on a new UN slogan: The UN, we threaten those who tend to wage ethnic cleansing war with the ability to wage ethnic cleansing war.

Feel free to build and revise. I think we can come up with something really clear.

Oh, and might I offer to the readers to observe which peacekeeping and community building military efforts in the past decade have worked and which have not? I think the best think that happened to the Iraqi people was the UN's UNwillingness to take part in their revolution. If they had, Iraq would be under control of a warlord... even if his name does sound like a mispronounced caffinated beverage.


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