Friday, November 11, 2005

Asylum. Inmates. Any Questions?
from the mind of  Cowgirl Up.

As a California resident, my first reaction after learning that all the common-sense measures failed on Tuesday's ballot was one of disbelief. But then, that was short-lived, as I realized it was merely further proof that here in the Golden State, the inmates are truly running the asylum.

Just in case you're lucky enough to not be a California resident or weren't following Governator Arnold's intiatives too closely, Senator Tom McClintock summed up the measures - and the disappointment many felt on Wednesday morning - in his statement on the special election:

I'm not going to pretend that Tuesday's election was anything other than what it was: an unmitigated and stunning defeat of some of the most basic principles of good government ever put to a vote: that government should live within its means; that politicians shouldn't chose who gets to vote for them; that teachers should demonstrate sustained competence before they're granted lifetime tenure; that public employees have a right to decide for themselves what candidates they'll support with their own money; and that parents have a right to know if their teenaged daughter is undergoing an abortion.

Perhaps the most heinous of them all, however, was San Francisco's blatant disregard for the 2nd Amendment in their passing of a complete ban on handguns. If this happens to stand up in court, then residents can expect to be forced to turn over their handguns on April Fool's Day 2006.

Having lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for about five years, it was easy to arrive at the conclusion that the City is indeed the freakshow component of the Circus known as California. Whenever visitors arrive, I take them there to see the sights and marvel at the moonbats that run the place. Where else would you find people who constantly decry the Bush administration as fascists, wax apoplectic about infringements of our rights, yet at the first opportunity they vote to curb one of America's most basic freedoms?

Meanwhile, this weekend there will be a gun show at the Cow Palace. As I marvel at the irony of this event occurring the same week San Franciscans vote to ban guns, I have to wonder... will it be the last one held there?


Blogger BlackCatAlfa said...

San francisco? Gun show? Never thought I would see those four words together.
Know what the probloem is with Gov arnold? No one "gets" his humour. He should dumb down his witty repartee so the stupid people can understand.

12:04 AM  

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