Tuesday, September 07, 2004

The Discrimination Never Ends
from the mind of  Zeke_Wilkins.

I called the Lane County Sheriff's Concealed Handgun License Center today to dutifully report that I had moved out of state, and to try and switch over to a non-resident permit. After all, I had passed all their tests and spent sixty-five dollars for the permit in the first place. After telling the secretary that I have moved out of state, she told me that I was required to mail the original permit back! Not cut up the permit and promise not to use it, not have my information removed from the computer system; no, I was to mail it back. Not only was I to mail the permit back at my own expense; when I asked if there was a way to switch it over to non-resident status, she replied "No, because it's only good for Oregon, you see." I decided that the conversation was deteriorating as rapidly as my blood pressure was rising, so I terminated the call.

Normally I probably would have not even bothered to notify the government of the change, but I for some silly reason still try to follow the letter of the law, and since my permit in Oregon is connected to an address I no longer live at (the possible bureaucratic screw-ups are endless...) I decided that I should notify the powers that be in order to cover my posterior. But the lesson in all this is clear: those who try to follow the letter of the law are the most likely to be discriminated against by the government. You could be a left-handed, lesbian, islamic fundamentalist, midget cannibal and still not be discriminated against as much as a lawful handgun owner.

That reminds me, it's time to clean all the guns.


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