Saturday, September 11, 2004

Happy 9/11?
from the mind of  Evan Kruse.

When most people think about 9/11, they recall images of mass murder and mass destruction being carried out on some of the most prolific symbols and some of the most successful businesses in these great United States of America. Shortly after the attacks, everyone but those living in a cave began to refer to the whole episode as just 9/11, not 'the September 11th attacks', not '9/11/2001... just 9/11. A day with such notoriety will always be remembered. In fact, it is now a holiday, formally Patriot Day. Though it does have this name, time will probably see it suffer the same fate as Independence Day and just be referred to as '9/11' just as commonly as people say 'Happy 4th of July!'

But, what to say? Is it proper to say 'Happy 9/11' or 'Happy Patriot Day'? Some would say that it is in poor taste to do such a thing. Of course, it is difficult to celebrate such a horrible event in a 'happy' way, as it was an event that took so many innocent lives from our nation's families and friends. But, as is with almost anything, there is a silver lining. And, it is that silver lining for which our nation can be happy.

We can be happy that our enemy is no longer unknown and hiding but rather under full attack and under truncated leadership.

We can be happy that our nation’s real allies are now known. Our leaders fully realize which 'old allies' have a profit driven foreign policy and which have a safety and security driven foreign policy.

We can be happy that our agencies who have been under budget cuts for years and years are now getting the funding they need to rise out of their anemic state.

We can be happy that our law enforcement now has the legal ability to investigate and prosecute terrorists as firmly as they can drug-dealers.

We can be happy that the women of Afghanistan can now work, educate, be educated and vote. We can be happy that all Afghanis can vote.

We can be happy that the corrupt, deceptive, and malicious regime of Saddam Hussein is no longer in power.

We can be happy that Libya has voluntarily abandoned their programs for Weapons of Mass Destruction.

We can be happy that democracy now has a foothold in a new area of our world.

We can be happy for the Afghanis and Iraqis who can freely participate in the Press and can freely view the internet as they please.

We can be happy for all of the Iraqis who now get orders of magnitude more than 60 cents per year of health care of days past.

We can be happy that our great nation has shown unbelievable strength after entering a recession, being constantly beaten down by terrorist attacks and corporate scandals, can recover to be the same robust economic machine that we all remember.

We can be happy that another terrorist attack has not happened within our great land.

Though we will never forget the lives that were lost or ruined and will always feel a heavy heart for our unfortunate friends, we can look to the brighter future. Though we will never forgive those who aided, funded, conjured and carried out the attacks that horrible day, we can look to new solutions for peace and prosperity. The images I saw that horrible day will forever be seared- seared in my memory. We give this day to you, wonderful patriots...

...Happy 9/11!


Blogger Pat in NC said...

Remember our Patriots would be a better greeting. I am indeed happy that we have a President with the fortitude to pursue the radical thugs who did this and would repeat it if given a chance. I am happy for the people of Afghanistan and Iraq that they are being given a chance at liberty. I am happy that I was born in the USA. I am proud of our troops who risk their lives to protect us from having more of these attacks.
Above all I thank God for the many blessings, we as Americans, have received.

9:01 AM  
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