Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Kerry thinks 9/11 is an 'Excuse'...
from the mind of  Evan Kruse.

In this AP report, we can see just how out of touch Kerry is becoming in this final stage of the election. Interestingly, Kerry thinks that the recession is Bush's fault, and gives him no credit for the expanding economy that we are currently seeing.
Kerry said that of the last eleven presidents, Bush was the only one to oversee a national job loss, and he said Iraq and the war on terror were no excuse. "Many of them faced more severe recessions, many of them faced bigger wars with bigger expenses," Kerry said.
COME ON! This is absolutely rediculous. He probably also thinks that the Tech Bubble Burst, the Enron scandals, and the economy starting to go sour in 2000 (yes, before our current President took office) are all directly the fault of the president and should be claimed as his doing.

As far as I'm concerned, the economy couldn't have had a tougher time over the last 4 years. Wait, I take that back. The economy would have had a MUCH tougher time if there had been an increase in taxes rather than the wonderful tax cuts that put us in the strong economic position that we're in today.

Kerry continually uses only a handful of economic indicators that happen to be bad at the current moment to make his 'economic policy changes needed' rucus. Buyer, or in this case 'voter', beware. What Kerry is selling is a bagfull of crap. As a good analogy, he would take a football team that has won every game in the season and is headed to the play-offs, has averaged 800 yards of offense while allowing only 250 yards from the other team, and broken several longstanding records as a failure because they failed to make a fieldgoal from more than 40 yards during the season. His bashing of the good economy is that rediculous.


Blogger Tom said...

Why should it surprise us that he thinks that things that happened in 2000 and before are Bush's fault? After all, he thinks Richard Nixon ordered him into Cambodia a month before Johnson left office.

3:51 PM  

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