Friday, October 22, 2004

Backwards Thinking at
from the mind of  Evan Kruse.

While I was doing my ostrich research for the post below, I cruised around the site to see what they had to say. What I was really looking for were the 'plans' that they are always talking about. You know, the John Kerry has a plan' for this and that and every single problem. I didn't really find any detailed plans at all, but I did notice some iteresting statements from the page where the Kedwards campaign contrasts itself to the Bush Administration. One of those 'this is why we are right and they are wrong' sort of things. There were things that ranged anywhere from 'maybe this would be good, but absolutely not feasable' to 'boy, oh boy! isn't that backwards thinking!'. I'll just quote a few and then comment in italics below. (The first two words will link to the page where the quote was taken.)

  • For John Kerry and John Edwards, making America more competitive means investing in more jobs at higher wages. Um... isn't that the exact reason for outsourcing? That jobs are cheaper overseas than they are at home? I think cutting taxes for employers and employees would be a great way to make things more competitive. Remember, most people that make over $200,ooo a year are also called employers. They are the ones that create jobs. It would be a disaster to raise taxes on them.
  • John Kerry will create a new partnership to expand the supply of natural gas, and develop and deploy clean electric power from coal. Now, natural gas is a good idea, but coal? Clean? Coal can be done cleaner than it used to be done... but why not nuclear power? I'd rather have my pollution contained in a benign block of glass buried in the ground rather than floating around in the air that I breather while I ride my bike.
  • John Kerry will lead a new era of broad alliances to execute a more effective war on terror. Broad alliances? Like Poland, Japan, Australia, Iraq, Great Britain, South Korea, and the many other countries that are helping us currently? Personally, I don't want the help from countries who were bought off by Saddam's Oil-for-'Food' program.
  • To help win the war on terror and strengthen the military to meet new threats, John Kerry will increase our troop strength by 40,000 and double our special forces capability. Currently, the US military has a roughly 10 support to 1 combat troop ratio. So, by adding 40,000 troops to active duty, that would only bring 4000 troops online to help in the war on terror. Now, Kerry has said that the contributions of other nations are insignificant... and if that is so, then 4000 extra combat troops in our military would also be insignificant. Perhaps cutting defense budgets and reducing the size of the military was not such a good idea. But, that's exactly what happened during the last administration's 8 years. And, yes, Senator Kerry, you helped him do it. Maybe a better plan is to try and transform our military into a lighter and faster and more agile military so fewer support troops are needed for each combat troop. Now, that would really increase our military strength. But, that idea is already taken by the current administration... DARN!

Well, I've had enough fun for now. Be sure to read the post on the Duelfur Report by Daredemo


Blogger BillyBudd said...

Great post as always, the October suprise might be brewing for Johnny anyway.
Ter-eh-zah might have a Nannygate problem as well.

6:47 PM  
Blogger Drunken Samurai said...

Excellent post and great site! I do believe that we can do more with coal. It is a good energy source and the coal industry is a great area of potential grouth and jobs. New technology does allow for a much clearner burning fuel.

Vote Bush!

8:57 AM  
Blogger Evan said...

Well, Intoxicated Nihonjin Swordsman, I can completely agree with you on the fact that technology now allows us to burn coal for energy much more cleanly than we have done in the past, and much more cleanly than China does currently. But, as a representative of a party that claims to put the environment first, don't you think that nuclear power should be what he is pushing? Surely it is better to be able to contain all of the pollution produced by power generation in a small box rather than have any go into the atmosphere. And, if technology can be applied to coal to make it safe for the envorinment, then surely our technology is advanced enough to make new nuclear facilites safe. I just think that he made this statement to gain votes not to actually outline policy. I would think that anyone that believes that coal can produce clean energy would also believe that ANWAR could be harvested of oil in a very low impact manner. I haven't seen any support of action in ANWAR yet....

10:14 AM  

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