Friday, October 15, 2004

Tax Cuts a "Redistribution" of Wealth???
from the mind of  Zeke_Wilkins.

Today a friend of mine sent a copy of an email his mother had received that criticized the President. Most of the email was pretty standard garbage, but the last "point" contained a novel level of stupidity and selfishness that grabbed my attention and made my blood boil. Below in italics is an excerpt of the criticism, and my (slightly edited) response in bold:

George W. Bush believes in the redistribution of wealth to the richest, at the expense of the poor. His new "middle class" tax cut actually sees 44% of the benefits going to the top 20% of the country. The middle class only sees ten percent. Healthcare is a disaster as close to 50 million Americans don't have any health insurance. Bush has consistently sided with corporations at the expense of the poor. His offer of up to $3,000 per family to purchase healthcare is insulting as the current costs are more than $8,000. John Kerry has supported real tax breaks for the middle class and working poor. He has vowed to eliminate corporate greed and handouts to the wealthiest Americans.

To use the term "redistribution" to denote allowing people to keep the money they earn is so disingenuous as to warrant contempt. Redistribution is taxing the rich at a rate far higher than you would the middle and lower classes, then spending that money on a slew of programs that not only fail to deal with the problems of healthcare, homelessness and unemployment; but concurrently foster feelings of entitlement toward government handouts and an unmitigated reliance on government rather than personal initiative. People have the right to enjoy the fruits of their labor; and taking from the wealthy to give to the poor is not only a moral wrong; it is bad public policy. Stealing from the rich is still theft; and stealing for the poor is as morally wrong as ignoring them.


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