Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Effortless Voting?
from the mind of  Zeke_Wilkins.

How is it that the loudest cries for social activism and the registration of new voters are also the laziest jerks on the planet?

First you have all these "get out the vote" drives. Am I the only person who thinks that only people who actually take the time to seek out a means of registering to vote, should actually vote? Yes, voting is a right, but do we really want people who have to wait until they are approached in public to register, to participate in the upcoming election? It is a sad and telling move by the political left when they resort to the kind of hand-holding they engage in to register voters. Make no mistake, liberals are banking on these uninformed and unmotivated newly registered voters to turn out in droves to vote for their man Kerry.

Another annoying manifestation of this helpless mindset can be evidenced in a letter to the editor of the Oregon Daily Emerald (found here), written by nutty professor Frank Stahl. Dr. Stahl is upset that University of Oregon President Dave Frohnmeyer did not take more steps to establish a quorum at the 2003 University Senate vote to authorize the University to take a political stand on the war in Iraq. Hey Frank, here's a thought: maybe you couldn't get a quorum because people either didn't care about your agenda, or had enough intellectual honesty to admit that it isn't the job of a University to take such a stand. Yes there were obstacles for people intent on attending the vote, but truly passionate voters will overcome such hurdles. Your pacifist drivel just didn't inspire enough individuals for you to get your quorum: go cry in the corner.

Finally, it has been pointed out that the level of security to ensure the identity of voters in Afgahnistan's recent election puts the measures taken in the U.S. to shame. Drudge is now reporting a new voter fraud scandal in Colorado (see here), and proposals to require photo ID at polling places is routinely called "racist" or simply painted as an attempt to reduce the turnout of blacks and the poor.

I'd like to see more effort on the part of voters: more effort to register themselves without having to be browbeaten in supermarket parking lots and college campuses, more effort to become informed, and more effort to support measures that protect the integrity of the election. Let's all reclaim voting as a right and a tradition that requires effort and sacrifice.


Blogger Daredemo said...

All voters should be required to take an exam. I.e. the same exam new citizens are required to take to become citizens.

We test people to license them to drive cars, we should be tested also to be licensed to vote.

2:46 PM  
Blogger Evan said...

Perhaps people should also be requred to prove that they have not seen CBS 'News' in the past 6 months...

11:57 AM  

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