Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Tax on Men for Violence on Women Proposed
from the mind of  Evan Kruse.

Luckily, in Sweeden. This is what happens when the government takes over your life. People actually look at taxing all men to pay for the low number of men who cause problems. How about this: Enforce laws that protect your citizens. Throw woman-beaters in jail, and make jail a not nice place. They might make good cars, but they don't make good government.

Diplomacy at work....

North Korea is running out of time. It has been pretty amazing to see the side-by-side differences between the diplomatic processes with the DPRK compared to the process that we used with Iraq. If Iraq had been freed of the sanctions or was able to obtain Nuclear Weaponry (or other kinds of weapons that could cause mass destruction of life and property), could you imagine the prospects of 6 party talks with Saddam? I don't think so. Now that the DPRK has it's finger on the red button at all times, we are not really left with many currently accepted options but to deal with this diplomaticly. Of course we could just obliterate the entire northern half of the Korean Peninsula and not have the problem to deal with any more, but we, as a country, have prioritized reducing civilian casualties in our military actions. Hopefully Mr. ElBaradei will be able to generate some force to deal with the regime in one way or another. It would be nice if the international community would step up on its own instead of having to be lead by the 20 or 30 nations that are willing to defend all free countries.

I just can't stop thinking about how much of a joke 6 party talks with Saddam would have been. They would have been as useful as a deadbolt lock on a tent. Or perhaps a bottle of sunblock on a spelunking trip. Oh! Oh! I'll stop now. I don't want to cause any hernias from laughing too hard....

Saddam's Obsessions

Since Saddam was obsessed with Iran as an enemy, one can only assume that Saddam was planning on reviving his Nuke Program. Iran has been fairly public about their Nuclear program, and their main rival as military superpower in the middle east (Except for Israel, but in the minds of Iran and Saddam's Iraq, Israel didn't count.) one could only assume that the nuclearization of Iran would have lead to the nuclearization of a de-sanctioned Iraq. Once again, another reason to remove Saddam. Now on to those mullahs....

Peace through strength sure has its upsides, doesn't it?


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