Sunday, September 26, 2004

The ARR-GEE Strikes Back
from the mind of  Evan Kruse.

The birthtown of the LXCG (League of eXtraordinarily Conservative Gentlemen) is Eugene, Oregon. Normally, this town can be seen as a hippy-haven, a leftist-love-fest, a moonbat-metropolis... whatever you wish to call it, it is one of the 'bluest' parts of this normally blue voting states. It is so liberal that the Democratic party oftentimes isn't liberal enough for the local people's tastes. Normally, one would think that the local newspaper, the Register Guard (the 'Arr-Gee' in Eugene-ben), would have to cater to the local group-think that is so prevalent.

Contrary to many newspapers, I've had two experiences that actually show journalism at work, rather than the typical 'editorializing disguised as journalis' that is practiced by the NYTimes and all of it's wanna-bes. The second experience was this article from the Arr-Gee. They interviewed a soldier in Iraq whose parents live in Florence, a coastal town in the same county as Eugene. Lance Varney in currently serving in Baghdad. This is some of what he had to say.
"I think we're already seeing a turning point in most of the communities, despite what may be prevalent in the news," he said during a telephone interview following a long Friday on the job. "The markets are full of people shopping, driving. The open-air markets are completely full, the streets are packed with people driving up and down selling all kinds of stuff. Kids are back at school. Soccer fields are being used that used to be trash heaps."
He comes across as being much less 'nuanced' than Senator Kerry. Please read the whole article. Notice that it is not an AP or al-Reuters news feed, but an actual article by an actual reporter from the Arr-Gee.

The first experience I personally had with the Arr-Gee that led me to believe that they actually care about reporting the news rather than promoting an agenda was their coverage of the protest that was held in Downtown Eugene on the 2nd anniversary of the September 11th attacks. It would have been very easy for a reporter to just wade through the crowd of protestors, snap a few pics of them, and get some nice and bold quotes from either anarchists or lawyers or schoolteachers who were all holding signs with slogans like 'no blood for oil' and 'impeach Bush' and other creative signs. Jeff Wright (the reporter) went the extra mile to show that there were 4 guys holding signs that didn't represent the rest of the people there today. He even quoted me in the story. As far as the coverage was concerned, he did a very good job in reporting that not everyone at the protest had the same views as the mob of tie-dye wearing liberals. Unfortunately, the article in no longer in the free section of the Register Guard. You'll have to take my word on the matter or go here to search for the article titled "A day to remember" from Sep 12, 2003. Then, you'll have to shell out some cash to see it.

Anyway... you should not give up on all of the media that exists in today's world. The blogosphere can work together nicely with some of the dignified outlets that already exist.


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