Monday, September 20, 2004

CBS is Not a Victim...
from the mind of  Evan Kruse.

Rather than appologize, Rather just lawyers his way through the whole issue of responsibility in journalism and blames the whole thing on a source. If there were ever a 'source' of information that would seem suspicious, whether looking at the documents themselves or looking at the person giving the documents, this would be it. By the new standard that CBS has implemented, they could now run a story that firmly accuses John Kerry of hitting an old french lady while driving in france, and running from the police.

What really needs to happen is an appology. Mr. Rather and CBS need to appologize to the American people for not doing the research necessary for this story. They need to appologize to the President for any damage that has been done to his name or campaign. They need to say to the public that they fully retract all of the accusations made and implied by that story. Rather needs to retire, even though journalistic integrity should force CBS to fire the people responsible for the story.

None of this will happen, though. Instead, CBS will play the victim. They will claim that some mean spirited person, who they had no idea about, played a prank on them.

I hope people aren't so stupid to believe it.

Added: The words "I'm sorry" may have been said, but they just say that they are sorry for the mistake. They never acknowledge that they may have damaged anyone's name or reputation at all. They need very powerful language to say "without these documents, we could not have made the following claims...." and "We at CBS are very sorry for causing the following due to our severe errors in judgement..." The lists following such statements would need to be quite long. The Killian Family seems to agree with me....


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