Sunday, September 19, 2004

from the mind of  Evan Kruse.

Bush Vs. Kerry: This NRO article highlights a big difference between Bush and Kerry. With Bush, we get a slate of 33 allies to help us defend the free world. With Kerry, we get France and Germany, and perhaps the now socialist Spain.

Nader on Florida Ballot: The Democrats have failed to keep Nader off of the Florida Ballot this November. This is good news for all people who believe in a multiparty system. Basically, the Democrats are failing in their attempt to disenfranchize about 3% of the vote.

MSNBC Still Pulling for Kerry: With headlines like "Will draft fears sway voters?" is a direct attempt to bring up the "Draft" issue to sway voters. I think that the headline writers could come up with more informative and neutral headlines.

United States not Polling for Kerry: Recent polls have shown our President increasing his lead on The Senators Kedwards. We have a good few weeks till election day, but if the trend does anything but reverses sharply, we will see another 4 years of good leadership. Even more importantly, a strong defeat in the election may force the Democratic Party to abandon the angry left contingent and get back closer to reality. If that happens, we can expect a 'happy-left" Democratic Party to be much more productive in congress and we can expect many wonderful things to happen in the next four years. Let's all hope for 6 more weeks of good campaigning and a landslide defeat on November 2nd.

President Bush talks about Rathergate: Though his comments were limited, he has made statements about CBS's claims about his own National Guard Service in a recent interview. It is good to see some action from the White House on this issue.

Japan Keeps an Eye on China: If this report turns out to be true, it could be the first step in the next 'cold war'. Various sources have said that the next 10 years will be very telling for China's relationship with the rest of the world. We are already in a battle of resource allocation with China, as they gobble up more resources every day. Who knows what China will do as their hunger for more outside resources grows, as it will certainly do in the coming years.


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