Friday, October 08, 2004

Evan's Post Debate Wrap Up
from the mind of  Evan Kruse.

Transcript of Debate #2 here.
A few fact checks at CNN from the debates
The CIA report on Iraqi Weapons. You should read this if you haven't. I wouldn't trust the media to interpret it for you. At least read the 'Key findings' part. It sure reads differently than Mr. Kerry's interpretation. Anyone who says 'The Sanctions were WORKING!!!' hasn't read this report, or they have on some very powerful liberal blinders.

Thoughts about online polls: The democratic party and many of their sympathizers have been in force trying to get people to flood the online polls and be sure that the different media outlets can report that Kerry won the debate, based on those polls. Well... two things that we could do. One, we could try to match their floods and balance their votes. But, more effectively, we could go to the same polls and vote for kerry, so the results are so lopsided that they would not be believable. I personally only endorse this approach on non-scientific polls, like the one at MSNBC, or CBS. Well, they are pretty easy to find.

Damning Documentary of Kerry's positions on National Security A must see. Trust me. (hat tip, Blogs for Bush)


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