Monday, January 24, 2005

I Have 'Scores' of Toes!
from the mind of  Evan Kruse.

If I were to say I had 'scores' of friends... how many would you assume I have?

If I were to say that I have scores of baseball caps in my baseball cap collection... how many would you think I have?

If you were to ask me how many episodes of Seinfeld I've seen... and I replied 'scores!'... how many would you think I've seen?

So, when I opened my MSNBC email this morning to see the headline "Baghdad bomb wounds scores"... I was thinking "uh-oh... another big one!" But, as I read on... well... just see for yourself.

(note: Arrow comes from me, not MSNBC.)

I just had a hard time believing that 'scores' could be a word that properly conveys the number of 'at least 10'. Sure, if X>10, then it is possible for X=80, which would be four score. I just had a hard time believing that this was a accurate representation.

So, I went to and peeked around. This is what I found.

(note: Masking is mine, not

So, I had to wade through all of those first 5 definitions to get to the one pertinent to this subject, which describes a 'score' as 20 units. Even if you take #7, I would assume that if one score is 20, then the plural of score would be more than 20... Abe Lincoln definitely governed more than 47 years after the forefathers did what they did.

Sure, I know that this is nitpicking, but it deals with the standard that the MSM employs today. (Or perhaps the lack...) I just think I would get laughed at if I said I had scores of baseball caps in my collection and people found out it was less than a dozen. This is just a gross exaggeration of the reality of the situation.

On a more serious note, isn't it pretty amazing that these attacks are happening now and people aren't getting killed in each of them? Doesn't that mean that things are working? Sure, it's unfortunate that people are being injured, possibly permanently, but they still have their life and they will still get to experience the freedom that comes with the impending democracy. To me, this is a success story, but the Media just doesn't want to portray that image.

Oh well. Just be sure to take your liberalism goggles. You don't want any of that crap to actually reach your eyes.


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